We originally started this blog post after the eclipse. While we only got a partial view here in Los Angeles, the sense of awe combined with the realization that we all share a planet and that we are very, very, tiny relative to…well….pretty much everything compelled us to jot down our thoughts.


In fact, when we were watching on television, we even saw one reporter break down in tears as he stood in the path of totality and witnessed the event.


The scene outside the Coeur Sports office during the eclipse

Unfortunately, our post got radically re-written after watching the disaster in Texas unfold. While we still stand in awe at Mother Nature’s power, the sense of wonderment instilled by the eclipse has been supplanted by concern and fear for the safety of everyone impacted by the Hurricane. This event is a stark reminder that there are almost indescribably big forces at work and that many of our day-to-day concerns are frankly petty when compared to what we see going on in Texas.

We talked in the Coeur office about how we should respond as a company and decided that the first step we should take is to donate money to the Red Cross which we have done.


Red Cross

We also made a donation to Austin Pets Alive on behalf of our furry office manager and will be checking to see if any type of product donations make sense. With respect to the pet rescue donation, we selected Austin Pets Alive for two reasons. First, many rescued pets are being relocated to Austin and second, we've toured the facility and met the Executive Director - Dr. Ellen Jefferson and they are an incredibly compassionate and effective organization.

Austin Pets Alive

Obviously donating is a personal choice and everyone’s circumstances are different but if you do elect to donate, we’d suggest (and were advised ourselves) you have a bias toward known entities (i.e. The Red Cross) and that you be wary of scams. It’s disappointing, but we know that there are individuals and organizations out there that will look to profit from events such as Hurricane Harvey

That being said, we do see things that fill us with hope. The images and reports of people reaching out to help each other have stirred our hearts and called to the better angels of our nature. While it’s sad that it takes a tragedy to bring out the best in people, we’re hopeful that the spirit of compassion awoken here will live on well into the future.

Hurricane Harvey

The caption with this image said "There is no us or them. Just us"

We’re also reminded that we’re incredibly lucky to do what we do on a daily basis. Rather than diminish our joy of life, these recent events have served to encourage us to count our blessings and to appreciate the people in our lives who mean the most to us.

Happy Training & Racing

Your Friends at Coeur


Reginald Holden