The past couple of years have wreaked havoc on so many areas of our lives that for the longest while, we felt foolish to even mention something that we really, really miss.

In the United States, we’re nearing a nine hundred thousand COVID-19 deaths and across the world, millions have been lost.  Businesses that we visited have been closed, we see friends struggling from the lingering effects, and sometimes it feels like the very fabric of our society is pulling apart.

So, we thought it might be a bit tone deaf to even talk about this until now.  About about how much we missed something that was simple, free, and quick. 

Namely a good old fashion hug!  

 Coeur Sports Community

Now, we’re starting to see the tiniest sliver of hope.  Many scientists seem to believe that the Omicron variant might actually be doing a couple things that could be construed as positive. It’s outcompeting the other variants and it seems to be less virulent while also conveying protection against Delta.

Combine those points with a continued push for vaccination and deep down inside, we can start to hope/wish/think that we could be approaching the “beginning of the end”. Or at least something that can be construed as a new normal. 

We can’t help but hope and pray that the scientists are right. 

Some might call this confirmation bias, but when we decided to post this blog, we did a quick bit of research and to our great surprise, we found that many studies suggest that, in addition to emotional benefits, there are true physical benefits to hugs. According to those studies* a good hug can help lower blood pressure, relax muscles and even strengthen the immune system. 

So, if as many people think, we’ll be racing again this spring, and of course if it's safe, get ready for us to be looking for every opportunity possible to take pictures of you, celebrate your successes, and partake in pretty much almost every type of hug out there.

Including "Post-Race Side Hugs": 

Amy Farrell post race picture

The "Good Friends Taking in the View" after a bike ride hugs:

Coeur sports bicycling

The pre-swim, “Let’s do this” hugs

Coeur Collective Beat Pre-Race

 And of course, the “Good grief, that was hard and awesome and I  can’t believe it’s over Hugs"!

Triathlon Finish Line

Ultimately, we’re all social creatures and the ability to connect with our friends and loved ones in the most simple and meaningful way is woven into our collective DNA.

So, fingers and toes crossed that we do have a light at the end of the tunnel and, if we’re lucky enough to see you at a race…get ready for a Big Ole Hug!

Hugs from Coeur Sports

  *'re still reading! That's awesome.  Speaking of hugs and family and awesomeness...did you know that our membership window for The Collective Beat opens in February.  The "TCB" as we call it is an amazing group of supportive and encouraging women. For a membership fee that's about the cost of a triathlon outfit, you get a whole bunch of amazing benefits. Including an apparel credit, training plan credits, a swag bag, big discounts on Coeur and our sister brand Nuzzle, and even a chance to join us in Kona for the World Championships where you can bet there will be lots and lots of hugs!  Here's a blog post that provides more detail. When the window opens, the order form will be added to the end of this blog and it will be on the Coeur website too!