The All Together 22 Collection is a limited edition, one-time only design and it is a FUNDRAISER. This is your chance to have a direct impact in improving somebody’s life. Of course it’s not just somebody. Specifically, it is six women of color that have been selected for the second year of Coeur’s Power Up Triathlon Program (or PUP). The Program’s goal is to help get women of all colors, shapes and sizes inspired to do triathlon and see themselves represented in the sport.


Coeur HQ and members of its ambassador team selected six AMAZING women: four women in the Philadelphia area to train for and compete in The Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon, and two women from the D.C./Maryland area to compete in the Rev 3 Williamsburg Sprint Triathlon. Both races are in July.

That means the Grantees will have four months to train for each race! (commence panic mode!) Each athlete has very limited experience in triathlon.

No worries though because each is assigned both an individual USAT licensed coach and a team mentor to help guide them through the workouts and training. The ladies will also have tons of support through the PUP Facebook Group, Coeur social media, Ambassador and Collective Beat teams, as well as PUP's incredible partners and sponsors for this year. We are completely pumped about these brands/shops/organizations that also reflect the Program’s mission: Fast Chix, Waves, Skratch Labs, Zealios Skincare, Roka, Zone 3, Big Heat Cycling, Black Women in Sport Foundation and USAT.


(last years PUP athletes celebrating their finish line success)

 The PUP Grantees are given a (in our opinion) pretty sweet swag bag of clothing and gear from out partners. They also receive a stipend for any gym memberships, Masters Swim groups, additional gear, etc. they might need during training. All expenses for equipment/training needed to complete the race will be provided by the Program.

And that’s where YOU come in!

The program is funded entirely with money raised from the sales of our All Together 22 Collection. This limited edition print is available for pre-sale at HERE starting today…but for only one week. So snag yours now!


 Each Grantee will be sporting this kit on race day.


We hope you will join these ladies on their journey to the finish line! You can find them on social media individually and we will post regular update on Coeur’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

2022's PUP Grantees

Let’s DO this!

Kebby & Lisa




Kebby Holden