One shot. One opportunity.  One race.  Every year, there's one member of the Coeur team that only participates in one event. It's on the Big Island and it's in October. This individual seemingly only has two goals in life. 

One, make sure Coeur customers get amazing customer service and 

Coeur Sports Customer Service

Two...Lead the Coeur team during the....Underpants Run!

The name is Beats which we’re pretty sure is short for Beatriz, but it may be Warren Beaty. Not sure.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter.  In years past, Beats was happy to just participate in the Underpants Run (“UPR”) and the pre-event training seemed to be fairly minimal.  In general there was some light stretching, a bit of course discussion, and a lot of late afternoon vino.  "Good for the heart"...Beats would say as another bottle of red was uncorked after the last order went out.

Coeur Heart

This year, things seemed to have changed.  We saw a date circled on the calendar.  No one in the office had any idea what the date meant until Ash in Customer Service figured it out.  It was the date of the Underpants Run!  Then, Beats started skipping out on some of the team activities to train. 

 Coeur Heart Running

We thought it was to just drop a few pounds in advance of the holidays, but the training sessions got longer and the intensity increased. Finally, it dawned us.  He’s not just participating.  He’s going to try and win the whole darn thing!

Eventually, two a day training sessions became the norm. 

Training for Underpants Run

We’re not saying Beats became one dimensional, but it did seem as if references to UPR worked their way into every conversation.

“Good morning Beats.”  “Morning…it is a good morning.” Beats would reply. “But not nearly as good as the morning of the Underpants run in Kona!”  Uhhmm…ok. 

Then, as happens far too often to athletes who don’t know when to slow down, injury struck! At first, it was just a slight limp, but then one day, Beats showed up on crutches.  Our hearts sunk when we heard the news.  Beats was a scratch for the UPR! 

Kona Underpants Run

Now, not only are we sad for Beats, we’re also missing a key element for Kona.  Someone has to lead us on the run!  We’ve sent out the call for help and know that, while no one can replace beats, surely there is someone willing to lead the Coeur ladies.

So, if you’re going to Kona and are running (or want to run) the UPR with the Coeur team, don’t worry.  We’re looking high and low and just know that someone will step up to fill those big white shoes.

Reginald Holden