Hello Coeur Fam!  It’s an exciting time here at Coeur and we’d like to share some details about the launch of our new brand Nuzzle Clothing. Nuzzle offers a selection of stylish, fun and incredibly comfortable lifestyle apparel. 

Nuzzle Clothing Logo

As you might have guessed based on the name, Nuzzle draws inspiration from our love of our four-legged friends.  Namely dogs.  To be fair, we love all pets, but dogs have a special place in our heart.

Over the years, the dogs we have had in our family have changed us for the better as humans. Their loyalty, unconditional love, and ability to live in the moment are all behaviors that we emulate.  So, the extent possible, we have woven these values into Nuzzle as a brand. 

Dogs of Nuzzle


We have also tried to capture that peaceful, warm feeling you get when your dog curls up next to you. That’s why you’ll see words like “warm”, “soft”, and even “fuzzy” in many of the product descriptions.

There’s also a sense of practicality in the DNA of the brand. That’s because of the lessons we’ve learned over the past couple of years.  Like many of you, we’ve spent countless hours on video calls as we worked away from our living rooms.  We struggled with the decision to either dress up for work, or to stay comfortable and just keep the camera focused on the shoulders up!

Now, with Nuzzle, we think our team has created a line of garment that bridge the work/leisure gap.  Everything in the collection is designed to be super comfortable and very stylish.  Similar to the way that athleisure bridged the gap between workout clothing and leisurewear, Nuzzle will connect the ultra-comfortable segment of leisurewear with traditional work clothes.   

Over the last 18 months, we have searched for and found a wide range of comfortable, soft, and practical fabrics. Then, we challenged our small design team to imagine and construct pieces that are stylish and fun. 

Gypsy Fringe Dress from Nuzzle Clothing

Now, we’re thrilled to invite you to check out the line. We think you’ll find a wide range of clothing that is ready to wear as you relax at home or when you go out for a long overdue dinner with your best friends.  No matter how many feet/paws they have!

And shop without concern because, just like Coeur Sports, Nuzzle offers free U.S. Shipping and No-Hassle, No-cost (as in we pay for the postage) returns. So, please check out the Nuzzle site by clicking Here


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