These make great companions to our line of Women's Triathlon Clothing

From our perspective, there is no doubt that almost everything is better when you have great partners. Many outsiders think of endurance sports as individual affairs, but as you almost undoubtedly know, there’s usually a team in the picture somewhere. It could be a favorite training partner, a supportive family, a coach, or some combination, but make no doubt, many things are simply better with a great partners.

That’s why we so love the phrase attributed to (but not coined by) Isaac Newton which goes, “If I could see further than others, it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants”.

At Coeur, we are incredibly lucky to be in the presence of some giants. We’re referring to the companies that we’re honored to call partners. Now, they may not all be giants in terms of scale (at least not yet), but they are, without a doubt, giants in terms of the quality of their products, their spirit, and their commitment to grow endurance sports. That’s why we’re thrilled to share a little bit about them and to strongly encourage you to give them a look.

Argon 18

Argon 18

Our friends at Argon 18 have done an amazing job of innovating while still being true to cycling’s traditions. They take their lead from CEO Gervais Rioux who knows cycling from the ground up. He gained a wonderful understanding of the industry thanks to his time not only as a racer, but also as a bike shop owner. This background set the stage for him to design bicycles that challenged the status quo without disavowing the things that make a bike such a beautiful piece of equipment.

We were lucky enough to preview some of Argon 18’s new bikes when we were at Ironman Hawaii, and there is no doubt that they have raised the bar with their 2016 line up. The bikes are a triple threat that combine beauty, performance, and comfort in a way that seems to be unmatched in the industry.


Barnana Snacks

The Barnanas story officially began in 1981, when architect Joao Suplicy got the idea to dehydrate fruit. Our relationship with them unofficially began when we saw a gorilla chasing a banana at the underpants run at Ironman Hawaii a couple years ago! Then, as chance would have it, they moved into the office literally right next door to Coeur. That’s when we really got to know Caue, Nik, and Matt. We’ve spent a good bit of time with our neighbors and have traded the use of our sublimation equipment for samples of their amazing product on more than one occasion. That’s why we can say with certainty, that the product is fantastic and the guys are too.


Enve Wheels

Enve Wheels

What do you get when you combine riders, with engineers with risk takers? You get the best wheel in the business. Enve wheels are incredibly strong and very light. They have a patented process where they mold the spoke and valve holes instead of cutting them. Thanks to that, their spoke holes are capable of holding higher tensions which reduces the risk of “spoke pull-through”. For us “non-engineers”, that means your wheels will be strong, light, and maintenance free!

Smith Optics

Smith Optics

They just make better glasses. Similar to all of our partners, the team at Smith is committed to quality. They’ve been at it since 1965 and are based in Sun Valley, Idaho. While they come from a snow skiing background, the expertise that they have developed transferred perfectly to endurance sports. They have a full line of sport and casual glasses along with several that can perform both functions.

As we said, there’s no doubt that life is better together with great partners, and these are some of the best in the world. We’re fortunate to get to work with them and encourage you to check them out.

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Reginald Holden