Women's Triathlon Clothing

Well, by now we hope everyone has recovered from the Super Bowl last weekend. We may have actually had the Puppy Bowl on about as much as we did the Super Bowl, but we know it was a great game. By the way, did you hear who performed at the half time show of the Puppy Bowl? Yep…it was Kitty Perry. Ouch! True though.

In addition to watching the game, we were in the office over the weekend attending to various tasks like shipping orders to our fabulous customers. We also had a production crew come in and film a short video with Coeur founder and designer Kebby where she talked about her inspiration for the 2015 line.

Coeur Office

Setting up for Kebby's Interview

Video Shoot

Kebby, Amanda, and Elizabeth talking about the importance of Design

The video will be released online in a couple of weeks, so we won't post it now, but we do want to share one of the key themes that she discussed. That is that some people have historically underestimated the impact of design on performance. Now, for the purpose of this discussion, we’re not talking about the physical construction of a garment even though we absolutely believe that the clothing itself must be built to exacting standards to ensure performance. By the way, we do go out of our way to do that and it shows up in the product features such as the seam-free chamois, our new upgraded fabric, and the true flatlock stitching that we use.

Gripper on Shorts

The little things matter. We tested five different types/amounts of gripper before getting it dialed in perfectly.

All of that being said, when we talk about design, we mean the actual aesthetics of a garment. We are of the opinion that if you believe you look good, you’ll actually feel good and will race better. We hope you'll get a little kick in those inevitable low moments, knowing you look great. Now, we don’t have the empirical data to prove our hypothesis but in our heart of hearts, we believe it to be true.

That’s part of the reason we’re so excited about our new designs for 2015. We’re pleased to have four new beautiful designs that provide a range of options across the color palate. They are:

Monaco: Grand Prix

Monaco Design

 This classic navy blue with racing stripe accents design was inspired by the sport of European Formula 1 racing paired with the elegance of the French Riviera. As folks may know, Kebby used to race cars and be a racing instructor so this one is close to her, um, Coeur.

Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan Design

The pink and green in Pink Tartan design is fresh, fun and flirty. The black panels keeps it slimming and the combination works together to create a refreshing look.


Super Nova Design

This design is big and bold in a classic black and white. Hoping the graphics remind you to shoot for the stars and that the sky is the limit!

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale Design

Break out the Femme Fatale design and go on the attack. It is sleek, sexy, edgy and a little bit dangerous.

All of our gear including cycle, run, swim, triathlon and the related accessories will be available in these four designs (we call them color ways). We really hope you love them as much as we do.

Happy Training and Racing!

Your friends at Coeur.