Triathlon Clothing from Coeur Sports

Let us tell you about our women’s triathlon line or our tri kits, as we like to say. Technically, we don’t really need to say “women’s” because Coeur is women’s specific and that’s all we do. I suppose our water bottles can “go both ways” but other than that, it is a women’s specific brand, plain and simple.

We think it is important to note that our two Founders (Kebby Holden and Hailey Manning) are both Ironman Hawaii Finishers. Kebby has finished Hawaii twice and Hailey has finished four times. We think this is important because we can honestly say that our triathlon kits were designed by competitive female athletes for competitive female athletes.

So, let’s talk about the fabric. Coeur worked with a Los Angeles-based mill to specially formulate the mix for the fabric to ensure that it is super soft. And when we say soft, we mean, really soft. In fact, it gets even softer after it is washed. It’s also anti-microbial and has a UV-50 protection.

Each panel is custom designed to contour and flatter a women’s body. The panels are cut and then sublimated either by one of our partners or in Coeur’s own shop. After the panels are printed, they head to one of two L.A. Factories for sewing. We check in regularly during the three to four week sewing process to ensure quality.

Our Women's Triathlon Shorts Feature the Seam-Free Chamois

Womens Triathlon Shorts from Coeur Sports 

Our Island Vibe Women's Tri Shorts

The tri shorts have a yoga-style waistband, our revolutionary seam-free chamois, and wider leg holes. These elements come together to create a true performance garment. In other words, we worked on function before we did anything else. The triathlon shorts have a 5” and an 8" inseam. The team tried different lengths and determined that if you go longer than 8" it may look as if you're wearing knickers and if you go much shorter than 5" for the tri shorts..., well…we do have a degree of modesty. humble opinion) the exact right length.

Our Women's Triathlon Tops

Women's Triathlon Tops from Coeur Sports

Our women’s tri tops match the shorts and we pay a lot of attention to the details. Through years of experience, Kebby and Hailey have learned what’s important in a piece of clothing that is going to be worn over 140.6 miles of racing.

So we started with the same super soft fabric and then we lengthened the torso of the garment. This is important because, if you’re going for a Kona slot, it is likely you’ll be in the aero bars for many hours at a time. What this means is that your top will ride up as you lean forward. The longer length on the top will help protect you from the sunburn pattern on your lower back known as a “racing stripe”.

In addition to the length, we’ve also put in a supportive shelf bra. This eliminates the need to “double bag” if you know what we mean. You can go just above a c-cup and still be fine. We also added some strategically placed mesh panels to keep you cool and we finished by adding two deep rear pockets for you to store items. Speaking of pockets, the two deep pockets on the tri tops work in conjunction with the three smaller pockets on the tri shorts, so you should have room for everything.

Once we are confident, we’ve got an absolutely top notch garment, we start thinking about designs. We draw inspiration from the runway and try to select fashion-forward patterns that will be in style for a couple of seasons. We cross-reference with sites that track fashion trends and we also layer in some of our own sense of style.

Spin shorts from Coeur Sports

After we nail the Function, we work on the Fashion

So there’s a fairly detailed overview of our triathlon tops and shorts. We put our heart and soul into the gear and we hope it keeps you chafe free and happy for many, many miles.

Your friends at Coeur!