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Let's Hear It for Best Friends

Posted: Mar 18 2016

Before we even get started, we have to say that this was a really fun post to write. You see, the topic is “Friends”. As in the kind that are combined with the word “Best”, not the TV show from years back.

We started the post by entering the words “Best & Friend” in Google and here are a few of the related quotes that came up:

“No matter how serious life gets, you still need at least one person you can be stupid with.”

Or how about this…

“We’re best friends. I’ll always pick you up when you fall….after I stop laughing”.


“A good friend knows your best stories…A Best Friend lived them with you”

We love our friends

All of us at Coeur have made some amazing friends on the trail, the bike path, the pool, and at the races.  Now, we want to celebrate this very special relationship. As we’re sure you know, friends can play a huge role in someone’s life.

When you’re training for a race, it is common to have a circle of friends who train with you. They serve as a powerful motivation to get up on those cold mornings and get the long ride, run or swim done. During the race, they may be there on the course giving you a wave as your paths cross or they may be cheering on the sidelines. In either case, there’s a magical feeling when you’re deep in the “hurt box” and you see your friend.

Coeur at Ironman Arizona

Andrea at Ironman Arizona

Then of course, there’s the post-race celebration. There’s nothing like re-living the event with your “Bestie”. They’ll listen as you talk through every detail of the event and they may even be willing to look at that gnarly blister on your foot that you wouldn’t dare show anyone else!

So, we’d like to do our part to show our appreciation of best friends. We’re giving out two free t-shirts every day for three days to your friends.

Coeur Big Love T-shirt

Just Tweet or Instagram a picture of you and your friend, copy @coeursports and (if you're using Twitter) tell us in 140 characters or less about your awesome companion. We’ll pick two winners a day and will send your best friend the Big Love T-shirt as a thanks for being there for you.