There should really be better words.  Or perhaps just a better writer for this post.  Words like "tough" or "strong" fall so short.  Today we're sharing an update from Amy Gluck who is one of the toughest individuals we have ever met. 

Imagine being at the top of your game as a triathlete. You're a perennial Kona qualifier and you're continuing to get faster. You're part of an elite group of athletes and you compete for the podium at every Ironman triathlon in which you are entered.

Amy Gluck on Podium

Amy Gluck on the podium again (bonus if you recognize the person next to her)

And imagine that you're you're out on a routine ride as you prep for Kona.  Then, through no fault of your own, it is all taken away.  That's what happened to Amy in 2012 as she was hit by a gravel hauling truck with such force that her injuries were almost too numerous to list.   

For hours and then days, then weeks after the accident, her life hung in the balance. It seemed as if the entire triathlon world held its breath and we all prayed for her survival.

Amy Gluck friends

The conclusion was far from foregone, but everyone who knew Amy knew she was a fighter and fight she did.  By the minute, by the hour, the day, she battled. Slowly, the fight (or perhaps war is more appropriate) started to turn in her favor. Even now, it's not over, but Amy's unstoppable drive continues to push her forward.  

We're humbled and honored to have her on the Coeur team and we're thrilled to share this update that she wrote for us:

Update from Amy

As far as how I'm doing....well, I got my driver's license back!! WooHoo!  My plan is to live like a professional triathlete when it gets warm out.  I'll just have rehab 8:00am-4:00pm daily, plus work. 

The rest of my time, I hope to be riding my bike at Island Lake (our State park, right near me now, which has small roads - 12 miles- that I can do laps, and laps around.)  They also have a tiny lake that's 1 mile around the outside which I can swim around, but just have to be careful not to beach myself in the shallow, shallow waters around the edges of the lake. 

I did an indoor triathlon the weekend before last (Feb 21st).  I took 3rd in my age group.  Not very good, but I'm really happy with my results.  I swam 39 laps (1025 m) in 20 minutes.  Biked 7.15 miles (21.45 mph) in 20 minutes.  I ran 2.3 miles in 20 minutes (6.9 mph).  My running is my worst right now because I had to get a metal femur, and a metal hip bone.  These days, I have been running on Altra-G treadmill three times a week, trying to get my running muscles working again- AND my cardiovascular fitness back! 

My thoughts are to sign up for a Revolution race because you can just do an Aquabike and swimming and biking are no problem for me.  That will give me some time to get my running fitness back!  I hope this helps for a start.  I'll send more.  I just want to send this before I lose it!

Reginald Holden