We like to dream at Coeur. Pretty big actually. Now it might take a few glasses of wine before we share the biggest of our dreams because they may sound…how shall we say it? A bit too aspirational. Especially for a small endurance sports clothing company. But trust us…they’re big. And believe it or not, they have nothing to do with profit margins or sales. Now, as we mentioned in our post on Conscious Capitalism, sales and profits are vital. They’re just not our raison d'être.

So, for now, we’ll hold off prattling on about why we think putting others first can start a chain reaction of kindness, how compassion can trump greed and how sport can be a vehicle to change lives. Instead, we’ll just say that, in our opinion, it all starts with community.

And at Coeur, our community starts with our Ambassadors, our Elite Team and our Sponsored Professionals. These are the individuals who give form to and exemplify our (pardon the pun) Coeur Values.

Over the past couple of months, we have had an open “call for athletes” posted and we have received hundreds and hundreds of applications. We'd like to thank everyone who applied. As a small growing company, we are honored to be on your radar. In some cases, we knew or had heard of the applicant and in others our first introduction came in the form of an email or Facebook note.

Regardless of how we met them, the first questions we tried to answer was always…”Is she inspiring?”, "does she make things and people around her smile?", "does she always show good sportsmanship?"   Not, “How fast is she?” or “Who does she know?” The most important question always had to do with character.

Now, it is impossible to know what is in a person’s heart just by reading an application and watching their social media posts but we tried. And we think we have succeeded. In fact, we think we succeeded in a spectacular fashion. Now clearly we had a limited budget and couldn't take everyone (and just because someone wasn't selected doesn't mean they're not inspiring ) but we are thrilled with the group that will be representing our brand.

So, over the next 12 days, we’re going to be introducing this amazing group of women. We’re going to start with the Sponsored Professionals, move to the Elite Team and finish with the announcement of our Ambassador team on December 22nd.

We hope you’ll check in each day to meet these amazing women who share our beliefs and aren’t afraid to dream big too.

Reginald Holden