It was a great year in Women's Triathlon

Well, its that time of year again....falling leaves, chill in the air, smell of cinnamon in the kitchen. Thanksgiving is HERE and we at Coeur have A LOT to be thankful for.  A long time ago, a friend suggested I come up with a list of 10 things every day to be grateful for. It always puts things in perspective and is good practice. Here is just a smattering of our shout-outs:

  1. Our Families - sure, we went through some rebellious years in our teens and 20’s (right? just me? huh. ok) but damnit, there is nothing like family to be there when you need someone. Love you guys.
  2. Our Friends - um, hello, where would we be without?! From shoulders to cry on, to someone to sign up for your first Ironman with and then help you train for....friends are, simply, where its at. Love you guys.
  3. Our Bodies - whatever size, shape, sort, they do so much for us and we are thankful we are able to MOVE them.
  4. Our Sports - all of them. Sometimes its hard to get going at first but how good do we feel after a workout, run, match, game, session, ride, etc.? Very, very good.
  5. Goals - set them, write them down, go get them.
  6. Good Food - fuel for the machine. Feed it.
  7. Good Wine - duh.
  8. The Outdoors - our playground...trails, roads, sea, lake, mountain, desert, forest. 
  9. Our Furry Friends - what warms the heart faster and gets us out the door than these workout partners?
  10. Laughter - Usually thanks to all the above.

So, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Now...let’s eat. :)

Reginald Holden