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Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts
Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts
Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts
Coeur Sports Cycling Shorts Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts
Coeur Sports Cycling Shorts Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts
Coeur Sports Cycling Shorts Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts

Lisse Elite Cycling Bib Shorts



Cycling Bib Shorts

These elite bibs are the ride companion you've been looking for that give you race day performance, but are so comfortable, you can't believe you're grabbing that second latte in them post-ride. The Lisse Elites will make you feel like you have that extra gear. Pair with a matching top for a complete look! Ride on ladies...

Features & Benefits
  • Free Cut Leg Bands are Oh-So-Smooth and mean no extra seams or chafing
  • Side you can bring All The Things
  • Super Slim Suspender Straps. Think comfort without seams or bulk
  • Lady-Bit Specific Chamois lives up to Coeur's #NoAngryKitty motto
  • Elite Italian fabric: compressive for muscles but stretchy for curves
  • Super gentle hypoallergenic silicone dots prevent leg bands from riding up
  • Two inch reflective strips for each hip for increased visibility. Because we are Safety Girls
  • Free Standard U.S shipping and no-hassle returns and exchanges
Fit Note

        Improved Bib Shorts Alert❣️
        After listening to customer feedback, we've adjusted our bib sizing down slightly to be more true to size. If you've purchased our Lisse Bibs before and loved them, we recommend shifting up one size

        The inseam is 8 inches. These use the same fabric as our black cycling shorts and fit very true to size. 

        Model Amy is 5'7" and is wearing a size SMALL

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 59 reviews
          Jessica G
          Favorite bibs of all time

          Hands down the most comfortable bibs I’ve ever owned. They come up high so I can tuck in my muffin top and my pastry pouch, and they have no cuff on the legs, they are suave, extremely comfortable, and definitely my 100+ Mile bibs. I want some in every color now lol. The stitching is perfect and it’s dark black, so no see through bibs even when they stretch.

          Kelly Ann
          Thanks for talking me into the bib, reviewers!

          At first, reading all these reviews, I thought, who are all these people snagging their spandex on their saddles all the time? However, I will say, loosey-goosey padding in shorts can be a nightmare. I was skeptical about the amount of padding I saw on these, but these reviewers were pretty clear. I have to say, with a nice pad fit, it's all good! I'm very impressed!
          I was also worried about the length because I have a hard time finding one-peice suits that fit me well. I'm 5'9 and have a long torso, 65" vertical circumference over the shoulder. I can feel a gentle pull over my shoulders and I'm asking myself if I feel a subtle difference in my core muscles, stability and balance when I ride, in a positive way. It's not overly tight, but it is something to get used to if you've never worn a bib before (like me). I will add that the first time I rode with them I was very happy I had them because I had poison ivy at my waist which would have been awful with cycling shorts but the bibs didn't bother my skin at all.

          Must Have

          These are great bibs! I’ve got two other brands of bib shorts and these are my favorite. They don’t squeeze your legs too tight or make your legs look like sausages. They were made right!!

          DeAnn Bell
          Great Pair of Bibs

          Very comfortable cycling bibs. Just the right amount of padding. Fit true to size. No sausage thighs. They make the hours on the trainer a lot more tolerable. Glad I finally broke down and bought a pair.

          Daniela Pagan
          the best bid

          I can't wait to buy more. Definitely best fit, best fabric and best look!

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