2024 San Diego

  1. MARCH 21st-24th, 2024: SAN DIEGO Registration for this camp is now open.  To Register, just click HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I attend if I'm a beginner triathlete?

Absolutely!  We will have workouts for all levels.

2. Will I need to bring a bicycle? 

Yes and we recommend that you bring a road OR a tri bike. 

4.  Can I send my bike ahead of time and get it unpacked and built up?

Yes. Please contact us for instructions.

3. Will I need to have a car?

Yes. Camp attendees will be responsible for their transportation to the resort and to workouts that are offsite. You should plan on renting or driving your car if you don't have a confirmed car pool partner. 

5. Is the food gluten free and/or will there be a vegetarian option?

Yes, we cater to all food allergies. We will ask and order food accordingly.

6. I'm injured and cannot participate in some of the events.  Can I still attend?

Yes.  You may still attend and join in any activities for which you believe you are capable. 

7. Can we buy clothing at the camp?

 Yes for sure and there will be some screaming deals!

 Join us!