FAQ for The 2022 Power Up Triathlon Training Grant

The Power Up Program is a scholarship grant created by Coeur Sports to encourage more women of color get involved in triathlon. Three athletes from two cities will be selected, coached and trained for four months before completing a summer Sprint Distance Triathlon. 2022 will feature athletes in two metro areas: Philadelphia and Washington DC/Maryland areas. Athletes will be given all necessary equipment to train and race and will be connected with a personal coach for a training plan.

Wait...What if I’m interested, but have never participated in a triathlon?

  • No problem! This program is for you. We will coach you through each step and start preparing well before the race.

Am I eligible?

  • Any person who self identifies as a women of color is eligible if they are 18 years or older. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

 I’m a college athlete...what does that mean for my eligibility?

  • Per the NCAA, receipt of this grant for training expenses may jeopardize a prospective student-athletes or an enrolled student-athlete’s amateur status and make the individual ineligible to participate in college sports. Please consult your institution or the NCAA for compliance and financial aid regulations.

 Okay, but who selects the scholarship winners?

  • Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee composed of women from Coeur Sports.

 Cool! How many scholarships will be awarded?

  • The grant committee will select 3 grantees from each location for a total of 6 women.

 Interesting...How is the scholarship paid?

  • Coeur Sports will incur the costs of training and registration up to the value of the grant in anticipation of the recipient(s) participation in the 2022 Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon and the REV3 Williamsburg Sprint race on July 11, 2022!

 Will I come out of pocket at all during the training?

  • Grantees will be provided all necessary coaching, equipment, memberships, race entries through the program. So no, you won’t come out of pocket for any basic necessites.

But...I can’t swim!

  • We’ll teach you! Seriously!

Will I still have access to a pool during COVID?

  • Great question! We realize there is a global pandemic going on...don’t stress!  Your coach will give you strengthening techniques you can do as a part of your training regimen, or you will be assigned a swim buddy! 

I don’t have any equipment, can I still participate?

  • Yes! We’ll provide necessary training equipment.

This sounds wonderful!  How can I apply?

  • Complete the Scholarship Application Form in its entirety. Click HERE and fill out the application by the deadline of January 14, 2022. 

When will the winners be announced?

  • January 24, 2022! 


2022 Power Up Triathlon Grant

Coeur Sports is offering one-time training grants to novice and amateur women of color athletes who are interested in training for and participating in the 2022 Philadelphia Women's Triathlon or the Rev3 Williamsburg Sprint Triathlon. The goal of this program is to support the development of underrepresented athletes in the sport of triathlon.



We look forward to hearing your story! Online applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. EST on January 14, 2022.

Grant decisions will be made no later than January 24, 2022.


  • financial need
  • desire to promote visibility and growth of triathlon for women of color
  • ability to travel and train in the Philadelphia or DC Metro areas
  • excellent sportsmanship/attitude


If selected, grantees will be asked to participate in various promotional and social media activities and are expected to commit to training a minimum of three hours per week

Apply here!


Recipients will receive a generous package of resources that may include: swim cap, goggles, socks, training and race gear, bike equipment, nutrition.

Grant recipients will also have access to training communities including:

  • Fairmount Bicycles Bike Shop
  • Folx and Spokes Philadelphia Cycling Group
  • The Big Heat Cycling Group
  • FastChix
  • The Coeur Sports Collective Beat Community & Ambasssador Team
  • Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club


All coaches and training groups will align with USA Triathlon COVID compliance