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Women's Sleeved Triathlon Aero Top in Red & Black



Women's triathlon top with sleeves

We brought in the science guys to test and confirm the aerodynamic benefits of the Coeur Sleeved Aero top for triathlon. This top is designed to go fast and comes with sleeves that go to the elbow to smooth the airflow and provide extra protection against the sun.  Includes a hidden 3/4 zipper on the front and two deep pockets in the rear. 

Sleeved Triathlon Top Benefits Include:

  • Anti-friction seams
  • Sleeves to the elbow for aerodynamics & sun protection
  • 3/4 zip front with hidden zipper
  • Two deep pockets in rear
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easy returns backed up by amazing customer service
  • Free Shipping on all U.S. orders of any size

Pair with triathlon or cycling shorts for a complete look.

Fit & Use Note: We tested the aerodynamic characteristics of the sleeved aero top with ERO Sports. To achieve maximum aerodynamics, the fit should be fairly tight and the number of wrinkles should be minimized. Your sizing should stay the same for the Aero Top as with your other Coeur apparel, but the fit will be just a bit tighter.  In addition, the garment is designed to be the most wrinkle free when you are in the aero position on your bike. Consequently, there may be a few wrinkles when you are standing up, but they should disappear when you bend into the aero position on your aero bars.  Finally, most people elect to put the Aero Top on in transition due to the fact that the aerodynamic fit, could inhibit your shoulder movement on the swim.


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