You're So Basic
In our eyes, basic is a good thing. Our classic Basic Little Black tri shorts started a revolution of comfort when we launched them back in 2014. We focused on extreme comfort down, ahem, "there" and flawless functionality and our tri shorts have become best sellers. Well, we are grabbing our (e)megaphone because we are pumped up about our NEW & IMPROVED little black Italiana tri babies!
We haven't changed a thing about fit and performance but we have selected a new buttery soft four way stretch fabric that will hug your bod and curves like a lover without being overly restrictive. We believe you can have it all with this fabric: aerodynamics, compression and appearances. No sausage casings here. The updated material has new and improved durability and anti-pilling capabilities meaning your pair will last you longer than ever before. It is cut with UV-50 coating so is sunproof and repels moisture like a boss.
Our lightweight powerband gripper boasts the same whisper-soft grip that will keep your shorts in place without them riding up. We've kept our two small rear pockets where you can stash your smaller goodies like salt tabs, chapticks and gels. We locate them on the back of the short to maintain aerodynamics and streamline your look.
And rest assured, our shorts still have our No Angry Kitty Seamless Chamois that will keep all your queenly bits chafe-free and happy as a kitten with a ball of fluff. 
So shop on for the best basic black tri shorts on the market. We give them two paws up and a big happy MEOW.
Kebby Holden