We chat with the Voice of Ironman Mike Reilly

Hundreds of thousands of athletes have heard him celebrate the finish of their race and perhaps just as many have it as a goal. He's one of the nicest individuals you'll meet and we're so lucky to have Mike Reilly join us on the latest edition of Ear Splitz, the Coeur Sports podcast.

Mike Reilly Finding My Voice

 He spends all day on the course and is there to get athletes across the finish

During the show, Mike talks about his new book "Finding My Voice". The book contains some deeply personal stories that underscore how Ironman racing impacts not only the individuals out on the course but also the fans and yes...even the  people calling the race. 

Finding my voice by Mike Reilly

To order, just click here: https://mikereilly.net/

We also get the monthly coaching tip from Hailey Manning from Hardcoeur Coaching, nutrition advice from Leslie Myers of Foodsensenow.com and finally, our Founder and Designer Kebby Holden talks about some of the great new designs in the works here at Coeur Sports. 

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