Today, Coeur gives a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who serve or have served our country. We remember those that lost their lives in this mission, and we keep their families in our thoughts.

We asked retired US Army Captain, 3 x Ironman Champ and Coeur team ambassador Jessica Jacobs to give us her very qualified perspective on the holiday.


What Memorial Day means to me...

Memorial Day stands out as a day to remember, "memorialize" those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Those who came before us, and without question or hesitation, proudly served their country, knowing the consequences of freedom are far from free.

As a veteran and spouse of a current active duty Officer, I've been made witness to the highs and lows of serving.  I can tell you undoubtedly, men and woman that put on the uniform are 99.9% different than your average citizens. Whether it be engrained in their DNA or something learned via military training, warrior ethics such as: selfless service, duty, honor, integrity aren't taken lightly, and in fact, expected of EVERY solider that wants to wear the uniform.

Jess in her uniform

Jess & her active duty husband & daughter.

Memorial Day, in my opinion, SHOULD be two-fold...we should celebrate the "unofficial" start of summer...end of a school year for many and enjoy the fun opportunities that come with the changing season.  However, on this one day, it is a time of reflection as well - as it SHOULD be.  Giving a moment, a quick prayer, placing a flag or wreath of flowers on a gravestone to a fallen....that's what Memorial Day means to me.  

I am incredibly fortunate I was never harmed, nor my husband in the military - I can not say that about friends I honor on this day.  Every Memorial I take a moment to chat with each person I personally lost, thank them and let them know I much I dearly miss their presence on earth.  

Man in uniform

For whatever reason, my husband and I always seem to find ourselves watching, "Saving Private Ryan" on Memorial Day.  It brings together the fact that without "THE GREATEST GENERATION" I don't believe our nation would be who or what it is today. It reminds me just how lucky we were to have GOD on our side during that time.

We will fervently request that communities celebrate Memorial Day with what or how you deem fit...whether that be with a BBQ, hitting up the beach, shopping, spending time with family or going on a trip - celebrate LIFE...yes, the one and only life you have and the life many sacrificed of their own for you to enjoy.  But during your celebrations, just thank and remember those who have come before you, that gave their lives so you could enjoy yours.  Today is not a day to be sad and feel sorrow, but joy - joy you GET to live in the best country in the world, joy you have rights and freedoms that are the envy of so many and joy that there are courageous men and woman who continue to protect those freedoms.

This is what Memorial Day means to me...

Running to the finish line

Jess winning Ironman Wisconsin in 2011


Jess also sent us the following link to a CNN story about another friend she lost. Spoiler Alert, it will most likely cause chill bumps and tears because it is so touching.



Thanks again Jess. You are incredible.

Reginald Holden