Ok…which is more affectionate a smooch or a smack? Clearly a smooch…right? No wait, maybe a smack. Definitely not a peck. Pecks are at best gateway kisses. I mean, they could lead to smooches and smacks but they are also quite utilitarian. I mean, you give Aunt Carol a peck when she stops by to visit on her way to Florida…right? Grandfathers get pecks too. And you’d never give Grandpa a smooch or a smack would you? Of course not. Well, almost never. I mean, if grandfather was George Clooney then I guess maybe…and Amal wasn’t in the room of course. Or if she was looking away and you happened to turn suddenly and he was right there and your eyes met and…wait, sorry big digression. Now, where were we?

Oh yeah…Smooches and Smacks. That was the dilemma. Which one should be the top of the…dare we say it? Pecking order.Picture of Lips

After a solid month of planning to launch our new loyalty program, we were down to this debate. It was one of the last items on the “to do” list for our program that we were calling the Smackaroo Crew.

We had to name the program tiers and the debate was spirited. We all agreed that the traditional Silver, Gold, Platinum wouldn't work but we had, at least, settled on something related to kisses. We also all agreed that when people joined they would be in the “Peck” tier but where would they go after that? Eventually, Kebby made the executive decision and we had our winner. The tiers would go Peck, Smooch, and then Smack. Thus the Coeur Sports, Smackaroo Crew Loyalty Program was ready to launch!

Logo for Coeur Loyalty Program

Now, we’re live and we’d love for you to join! There’s no cost, no commitment and there are tons of goodies embedded in the program. For example, you’ll get 50 points just for creating an account. Cha ching. I mean, how easy is that?

You’ll also get 200 points if you refer a friend to join and you’ll even get another 200 points for having a birthday. Then, when you're ready to cash in, you'll get a $10 discount for every 100 points. Easy Peasy. 

So, come on in! We’d love for you to learn more and join the Coeur Smackaroo Crew. To enroll, just click here and look for the Smackaroo Crew tab in the bottom right hand corner.


Reginald Holden