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Did Russians Meddle with Coeur Sports Designs?

Posted on April 01 2018

April Fools from Coeur Sports

Santa Monica, California – The Senate Intelligence Committee has reportedly subpoenaed design documents from the Coeur Sports California headquarters today.  After a month long investigation conducted by an undercover agent, officials came to fear that there may have been Russian meddling during the development process for their 2018 designs.

According to reports, the investigation began after subtle clues of Russian involvement came to light and sparked interest with the local FBI Field Office.

April Fools Joke Coeur Sports

The office then sent in an operative undercover to look for conclusive evidence of tampering. While the true identity of the undercover agent is a closely guarded secret, these images of the daring patriot in action recently came to light.

April Fools Coeur Sports

The Undercover Gman at Work

Investigators believe that a foreign power was somehow able to sneak pro-Russian designs into the production pipeline and that Coeur was days away from having them printed onto garments and distributed to customers around the world.  Reports indicate that the Coeur Sports team was unaware of this breach and that they are all visibly distraught because of this news.

The Coeur team has turned over all of their design documents and is helping investigators look for any drawings that seem out of place.

Coeur April Fools Joke

The Feds are checking for anything suspicious

While it is unclear whether or not a special council will be assigned (and then probably fired) to investigate this matter further, the cooperation by the Coeur team was heralded by members of congress as a shining example of how Americans should respond when something as important as fashion is threatened by a foreign power.