The past couple of weeks at Interbike and in Kona have been a blur and things are unlikely to slow down with Xterra Worlds coming up along with Ultraman (both of which have Coeur Pros participating) and our preparation for the launch of the 2017 line.

We hope you all were able to see some of the images and hear some of the stories coming off the Big Island. The Coeur team did not disappoint. We saw fantastic examples of heart and courage and left the island in awe of the athletes and the performances we witnessed.

Now, before time gets away from us, we just have to reflect on a few of the amazing things that came out of Ironman Louisville.

Despite the timing of being literally right after Kona, Louisville or IMLV, is still one of our favorite races. Two of Kebby’s three IM Hawaii qualifications came at IMLV and the course is just spectacular. Plus, Coeur has roots in the South and there’s a certain heart-warming genteel nature that can be found in certain areas of Kentucky.

The team got together pre-race and we absolutely love this picture of Jennifer Adamo, Caitlin Constantine, Christy Bridges San Antonio, Barbara Perkins, Caitlin Alexander, and Melissa Christensen.

 Coeur Sports at Ironman Louisville

Thank you so much to Melissa for being our on-site host at IMLV.  Also, big congratulations to Barbara Perkins who won her age group and locked down the first spot to Kona for 2017. We’re guessing that outside of winning your age group in Kona (which gets you an automatic slot for the next year), it is physically impossible to qualify any earlier since IMLV took place one day after Ironman Hawaii.

Coeur Ambassador Barbara Perkins

Ok, so let us tell you a bit about Jennifer Adamo. First, we have to back up and share that we have always believed in the transformative nature of endurance sports. There’s no doubt that there is benefit to walking, running, biking, and swimming, but getting started can be so difficult sometimes. That’s why we constantly ask everyone to provide an encouraging word or to set an example of how to do it. Well, Jennifer has set an example that we hope will inspire other women for years to come.

You see, in 2003, Jennifer weighed 370 lbs. She was despondent and didn't believe in much. Saddest of all, she admitted that she did not love herself. day she put on a pair of shoes and went for a walk. Over time and with support of friends, she walked off 100 pounds. She didn't stop there. Walking led to jogging, which led to biking, better nutrition, and eventually, the full-fledged adoption of a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Then, in Louisville, she crossed the finish line of an Ironman!

Jennifer Adamo


Jennifer..congratulations on your accomplishments! You are an absolute inspiration and we are honored to have you as a Coeur Ambassador.

Reginald Holden