Women's Cycling and Triathlon Club

An incredibly important part of Coeur is the community we call The Collective Beat or TCB for short. We'll be opening registration for 2019 in the very near future, so please let us fill you in on the details.  

TCB is the foundation of the world-wide movement that we’re creating.  It’s built upon the idea that was developed naturally by our positive and inclusive customers and ambassadors.  These ladies automatically rooted for each other and encouraged their friends to adopt a healthy lifestyle, so we decided to just accelerate the process by adding some structure and a truckload of benefits. We also brought on a couple of rock stars from our ambassador team to facilitate the group conversations (hi Meaghan and Lisa) and voila the TCB was born.

Since we need to cover the cost of the program, there is a small fee to join the TCB, so it probably makes sense to explain why we believe this is an extraordinary value. For those of you numerically gifted individuals (said the lady who loves to read fiction), we’d encourage you to “run the numbers” along with us.  Let’s start with what you get with the program.

First, you’ll receive an apparel credit of $150 that you can use to order Coeur Sports and/or Collective Beat gear. The designs are exclusive to TCB and here’s a sneak peek at the new look for 2019.

TCB from Coeur 

Now since the kits are all custom made, it will take a little over a month to get them in-house. 

That’s why we’re adding an enhanced welcome package this year. In the welcome pack which will go out very shortly after you join up, you’ll get a TCB Hat, t-shirt, water bottle and a swim cap. For those of you keeping score at home, it’s about $80 worth of product.

Next, you’ll also get an unlimited use 20% discount that you can use all year on all Coeur Sports products and even bigger discounts during certain sales.  By the way, we’ve got some fantastic new designs in the works that are sure to sell out quickly.  As a TCB member, you’ll get first access to this new gear and you’ll be able to use that discount to ring up some huge savings.

In addition, you’ll get training plans ($150 value) created by our friends at Hardcoeur Coaching. Last year, we offered several great triathlon plans and this year we’re adding more and will be including a few run specific plans too.

Ok…we’re confident now that you’ve done the math, you realize that joining The Collective Beat is worth it just for the $$’s, but something tells us that you’re motivated by your heart in addition to your head.

That leads us to what many consider to be the biggest benefit of all. As a member, you’ll be interacting with and cheering for a group of like-minded athletes who share your love for health, fitness, and endurance sports. Now, these amazing women come from a variety of backgrounds and they all race at different speeds, but one thing they have in common is that they are all committed to building out this community of encouraging and supportive athletes.  

Now, as we mentioned, we’ll be here to support you all and will go out of our way to do just that.  In addition, if you do join (and we sincerely hope you will) we’ll have a tiny little “ask” to make of all of you.  This is part of our (not so) secret plot to make a mark on the world with little acts of kindness and we hope you’ll be onboard.  So, our request is that you join us in our quest to re-introduce (much of) the world to politeness and some would even say, manners.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to do this and it could be as simple as saying good morning and hello to the person next to you in your next workout class or in line to get coffee.  Mmm…coffee. Or perhaps it’s just sending someone a kind message or telling them how much they mean to you (especially a fellow TCB member). 

Whatever you do, we're confident that as long as it’s done with purity of intent, you'll have a positive effect that will cause ripples of kindness to move from person to person. After all the name The Collective Beat is inspired by The Butterfly Effect: a few people randomly doing good things in our little endurance world are the wing beats that will create an AWESOME TSUNAMI all over the globe.

We hope this has been helpful and we really do hope you’ll join our merry little band of supportive and encouraging women when we open registration in the near future.

Happy Training and Racing!

Your friends at Coeur.


Reginald Holden