Aloha Coeur Nation,

    My name is Scott Batula and I'm an Ambassador for Coeur Sports. Some of you may either be wondering who I am or more so why am I the only male member of the 2019 Coeur Team. First off a quick background. I am a firefighter with the Honolulu Fire Department and was born and raised in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.

I’m an adult onset endurance athlete and have dabbled in triathlon for the past five years. I played ball and team sports my whole life and the “transition” (haha see what I did there) to triathlon was an eye opener. It is a constant battle to remind myself that this sport is my hobby and should always be fun.

Scott Batula Coeur Sports Ambassador

Now onto the real reason most of you are actually reading this. Some of you may know my girlfriend, Lectie Altman, and that she has been on the Coeur Elite Team for some time now. Her promising and blossoming triathlon career was brought to an abrupt halt last January after being hit by an illegal street racer. 

Lectie Altman with Scott

She has numerous 140.6 and 70.3 wins on her resume and has qualified for kona four times. She is the people’s champion and if you’ve ever had the chance to meet her you’ll know exactly what I mean. Loving, caring and thoughtful, yet fiercely competitive when she toes the line, all the qualities that the Coeur brand represents.

Since she was no longer able to race, I inquired with Coeur about racing on behalf of her the rest of the season. Kebby, Hailey, Ash, and Hilary gave me a 100% yes and thought it would be awesome.

So I became an honorary Coeur Ambassador. This gave way to my #irace4LECTIE hashtag.  One custom suit and two 70.3s later and wow let me tell you the looks you’ll get as a guy wearing a pink women’s team kit covered in stars!

Coeur Sports Ambassador Scott

But it was an unqualified success! Lectie was happy and I was proud to fly the Coeur Team colors. Fast forward to this season and I applied to be part of the 2019 Coeur Team, thinking that if I was an honorary member last year, let's make it official and be a full fledged Team Ambassador.  I was accepted and am now the only male member of the Coeur Team, even earning my own hashtag #andscott on the team messages and emails.

During the process I didn’t just get to know new teammates, I gained a new family (as an only child let me tell you how daunting this seemed at first, haha). I’m beyond grateful to be able to race on behalf of Lectie and the Coeur brand and I’ve learned along the way, the Coeur brand doesn’t just make women's clothing, they have created a true community of encouraging and supportive women and I'm proud to call everyone who wears Coeur my sister!

Lectie Altman

Reginald Holden