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Hailey's Top 10 Race Day/Training Must Haves

Posted: Sep 29 2013

What are Hailey's must haves when she's swim, bike, running?

1. Smith Pivlock sunnies:

2. Osmo Pre-load- takes the need of salt tabs away and gets you ready to race:

3. Muscle Milk for recovery after a hard effort and all races, gets me back on track quickly!:

4. Compex Muscle stimulator to help me recover after hard efforts and races:

5. My bike!  Argon18 E-118: fast, comfortable, and GOOD looking!!

6. TYR Freak of nature/Goggles/Torque Swimskin- the fastest and most comfortable wetsuits/swimskins on the market!  I've been wearing the same pair of goggles since the mid-90's...god help me if they ever discontinue them:

7. Coeur Race kit...duh ;)  Best, most comfortable, non chafing kit out there.  AND good looking!

8. Peets Coffee: Iced latte with an extra shot and 1pump of coconut syrup...takes me back to Hawaii and picks me up after a long day in the saddle!

9. Barnana: On the bike/run NATURAL energy chews...these dried, organic, NON-GMO bananas are chewy and sweet and give you great energy on the bike.  Perfect fit in my bento box!

10. Gray Wheels: These have been on my race bike for three years now and are always reliable, strong and don't knowck me over in the Kona crosswinds!