I really can’t stay. But Baby, it’s cold outside. I’ve got to go away. But Baby, it’s cold outside.

Do you remember that song? It’s been around for a long time and has been sung as a duet by everyone from Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalban to Seth McFarlane & Sara Bareilles. It used to be one of our favorites, but now we have to admit, it’s kind of hard to listen to.

Because, seriously…Baby, it is COLD Outside!

Before we go on, I have to go off on a tangent and mention the fact that hard coded into the Coeur DNA is a belief that it’s about you and not us. Maybe we're old fashioned, but we would much rather hear about your exploits than brag about our own. That’s why, one of the most fun parts of our day is going onto social media and catching up on what the Coeur customers and ambassadors have been doing. You all have constantly amazed us with your tenacity, your perseverance, your willingness to help each other out and your drive for results.

But, we have to say, over the past couple of months, as winter weather moved in with almost unprecedented ferocity, you have literally just blown us away. The snow piled up, and you all (“ya’ll” for anyone South of the Mason Dixon) responded by bundling up and continuing to get in your workouts. The wind howled and you just smiled and continued with your sets of intervals.

We always knew that people participating in endurance sports were…how shall we say it? Determined? Yeah…we’ll go with determined. But, the level of tenacity that has been on display recently is just unprecedented. Here are a few of our favorite pics from the last couple of weeks…

Erin jumpin in snow

Despite the cold, Erin jumped at the chance to workout

Robin in Snow

Robyn asked everyone to show some "Snow Balls" and get outside

Kelly outside

Despite freezing weather, Kelly decided to go for a swim!

We absolutely love seeing these pictures, so please keep posting them! Pardon the pun, but they warm our heart and hopefully, before you know it, we’ll be singing “Heatwave” by Martha & The Vandellas.

Reginald Holden