Some of you may have seen our recent social media post showing our new designs for 2015. We’re incredibly excited not only about the new designs (the industry term is actually “color ways” and the new garments (or SKUs to stick with the insider jargon) but we’re also thrilled with the enhancements to the actual garments.

Montage of Coeur Designs

The 2015 Color Ways

Thanks to a continuous improvement mindset, lots of product testing, and some fantastic dialog with our pros & customers, we came up with some changes to the actual physical construction of the gear that are incredibly cool. Before, we go any further, I have to digress and share a little insider secret. One of the things that really makes us uneasy is bragging. Not only does fate, karma or whatever seem to have a way of taking care of braggarts but it (bragging) just goes against our belief that it’s about you, not us. It’s gotten to the point that someone on our team who shall be nameless puts anything that seems complimentary or self-congratulatory in those “air quotes” before saying it. You know what I’m talking about…right? The funny little gesture people make with their two index and middle fingers to symbolize quotations marks. It’s Charlotte’s way of saying that she isn’t bragging, just sharing. Apparently, the fingers create some type of cosmic force field that deflects the karmic forces that gather to take down the prideful!

The reason, I share that is to let you know that after we saw and did a final test on the new tri kits, we all started making the air quotes symbols like crazy as we discussed the gear. Based on everything we’ve seen, we honestly believe that…wait a minute. “ ”, “ “, “, “…ok, the protective force field is in place. “We honestly believe, we have created the absolute best, highest quality triathlon kit in the marketplace, bar none!”

From the seam-free chamois, to full sublimation, to beautiful designs, and having just enough super cool gripper, Kebby and Hailey spared no expense in creating the kits and we can’t wait to offer them to everyone.

Gripper on shorts

Apparently, some of the cool kids turn the edge up

And that (actually) is the real point of this blog. You see, while there is a desire to go ahead and put them on our website and make the statement that they are “Now available at”, we’re actually going to wait before we do that. First, we’re reaching out to our Retail Partners and making sure they have an opportunity to get their orders in.

That’s because, we like to think we understand how hard it is to run a Bicycle or Triathlon Shop. We know that in reality, running a specialty retail shop is a true labor of love. The owners typically get into the business because they love the sport and the lifestyle, but too many times, they find that the hours they used to spend riding and running are now spent on the shop floor or behind the counter. Margins are getting hammered and cash flow is frequently on the top of their minds.

But (at least in our opinion), the specialty retailers are part of the heart and soul of this industry. Not only can people see, touch and try out or try on new gear at their local retail shop, but the stores also serve as a physical location to meet for rides and share stories.

We think the last thing a hard working shop owner needs is to have one of their suppliers cutting their legs out from under them by offering new gear on their own website first.

Now, we’re not in every shop (though we’d like to be) and our current customers don’t carry all of our gear, so Coeur does indeed sell online but we try to balance our desire for growth with true compassion and empathy for our brick and mortar partners.

That’s why, as we roll out our new line, we’re proud to say…

”Introducing the 2015 line of Coeur Gear. Coming soon to a Retailer near you!”

Happy training and racing everyone.

Your friends at Coeur.



Reginald Holden