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Triathlons, Ambassadors, and Radio Shows.

Posted: Oct 31 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! Hopefully everyone will have a safe but fun filled day and night. It’s one of our favorite times of year and a few of us may have even worn their costumes to work today. We’ve got some great things going on right now and thought it might be nice to provide a quick update on some of the action.

2015 Ambassador Team

We’re still accepting applications for our 2015 Ambassador Team and you can submit yours by going to our website. We’ve received many amazing applications so far and lots of great feedback. We took a shot at answering the most common questions on our Facebook page but in case you missed them, here’s a summary of the Q&A:

  • Can I apply if I’m not fast? The answer here is an unequivocal “Yes!”. We’re looking for women who can draw others into a lifestyle of health and fitness. Fast is nice because you may have more opportunities to share the message but “fast” in and of itself is not a requirement.
  • Is there a cost to be on the team? The answer is “No”. We discussed this quite a bit internally and we think there should be no cost to be on the team. Now to be clear, we do get a tremendous benefit from our ambassadors. You help share our message, you draw other women (who hopefully will consider trying Coeur gear) into the sport, and frankly, we enjoy cheering for and following all of you on social media. We think that if we charged you for the gear, you would in reality just be a customer who got something on sale.
  • Can I live outside the U.S.? Yes. While we are a U.S. based provider, we have customers in all over the world.
  • What are you looking for in Ambassadors? We could go on for days about this but the short answer is that we want women who take training and racing seriously but not themselves. Women who inspire. Women who encourage. Women who motivate. Now, do with this part what you will, but it is probably also good to note that we enjoy a glass of wine (or three) from time to time, have been known to laugh at inappropriate jokes, love our pets and don’t tolerate…how shall we say it? Uhhmm…well, the word rhymes with Crass and Mole. In other words, “Mean people need not apply”.

    Racing and Placing

    Now, as we’ve mentioned, results aren’t the primary goal but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the heck out of great performances. And speaking of great performances, did you see our Kona recap? Wow! The Coeur girls put on performances for the ages on one of the toughest days on record. Congratulations again to Beth, Amy, Laura, Hailey, Alana, Kim and Katie! We were incredibly proud to have two pro women out of 50…oops..sorry. Wishful thinking. Two pro women out of 35 wearing Coeur and then having three of our Ambassadors up on the podium including Amy who is an Age Group World Champion.  

    Amy is a World Champ!

    The great thing about endurance sports is that there’s a race going on somewhere almost year round. This weekend, we’ll be glued to the computer watching Ironman Florida (Go!! Jeana, Kelly and Aleah.) and then on Nov. 16th, we’ll be cheering for Jess, Sarah, Heidi, Jennifer, and everyone else.

    Take a trip with us

    Ok…who’s been to Babbittville? Hopefully all of you. If you’re not familiar, Babbittville is the radio show and website run by the legend Bob Babbitt. Practically everyone in endurance sports has stopped by at one time or another to speak with Bob and we’re a proud sponsor. Recently, he invited Katie Hursey and her fiancé Tommy Zaferes on for a chat. It’s a great interview and we encourage you to give it a listen.

    Click here to listen in.

    Speaking of Katie Hursey, did you know that she’s one of the top three American ITU racers? And did you know that the United States will probably take three female triathletes to the Olympics in 2016? Now, we know it’s early but we’re starting to get excited. The process to make the national teams has started and 2015 should be a very exciting year. In the near future, we’ll post a blog about the Olympics and the qualifying process.

    We’re prepared for cool weather

    Full disclosure here. We are based in Los Angeles and we do consider “cool” to be anything below 75 degrees. That being said, we have added some warm weather gear to our collection.


    Ok..that about covers it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Your friends at Coeur.