Well folks, its time to put a bow on the weekend. The racing and training is done and we are so proud that our Coeur girls again delivered the goods. Our weekend started with Ironman 70.3 Muncie on Saturday. The race is well positioned for people doing Ironman Louisville https://www.coeursports.com/pages/ironman-louisville-course-review  and consequently, it is a very well attended affair.

Coeur Pros Beth Shutt and Malaika Homo took two of the top five spots at Muncie as they went three, four respectively. Beth seems to have regained quite a bit of her speed after taking some time to recover from a nagging injury. For those of you who don't know Beth, we have to tell you a bit about her. Similar to so many of  the other folks on the Coeur team, she is incredibly nice and incredibly humble.  But on race day, the "game face is on" and she turns into an absolute hunter.  Her knockout punch is the run and watching her in her element is a thing to behold.  Earlier in the year, her hip started to give her trouble and we're sure the emotional toll was significant.  Rather than complain, she worked through the issue like a pro and showed that she was back by grabbing a podium spot at Syracuse a couple weeks back.  Her podium at Muncie on Saturday underscores the fact that she's back and we can't wait to see her race again.

Speaking of amazing individuals, it was fantastic to see Malaika pick up fifth place a few minutes behind Beth.

Kate Bevilaqua showed true heart and courage by following up two flats on the bike with a solid run. Even though the flats took her out of podium contention, she still got the job done. One thing we know is that adversity reveals true character and Kate showed that she has character in abundance. Proud of you, Kate!

In addition, our ambssador team did an amazing job representing. Melissa Christensen, Jacqueline Brill and Nicole Baxbrow all put in strong showings at Muncie.

Coeur Sports Ambassador Team

The Coeur Team at Muncie

Some of the team decided to get in some speed work and took on the short courses. Emily Jaehnig won her age group at the Pardeeville Sprint and Jeana Minner completed the Sunfish Triathlon. Jaime Fleming won her age group at the Pewaukee Sprint which was a great warm up for her first half Ironman which is coming up at the Racine 70.3.

Emily Dahling

Congrats on your Age Group Win Emily!

Jeana at Sunfish Triathlon

Jeana looking great at the Sunfish Tri.

On Sunday, the fun continued as we geared up to follow Hailey and Sarah Cameto at the Vineman triathlon.

They both just scorched the course. Sarah won OA amateur as well as the incredibly competitive 30-34 age group and Coeur co-founder, Hailey, came in soon after to grab second. Amy Yip brought it home for a 14 minute PR and a 30 min improvement on last year's Vineman. YES!

Woman Riding Bike

Sarah put her head down and pushed forward for the win.

Hailey Manning on a Bike

Hailey looked great on the bike as she grabbed 2nd and continued her Kona prep

We at Coeur are so inspired by all these gals that put in the work day in, day out with all of their other obligations in life. Congrats ladies and way to inspire us all!