Here at Coeur, Valentine’s Day is like a National Holiday.  After all, Coeur is French for Heart.  So we thought we’d take a few minutes and tell you about some of the things we love.  

Our Team.  These ladies embody the values we believe in so deeply. They work hard, they cheer each other on, they laugh a lot and most importantly, they encourage and inspire others to give sports a try.  We can’t stress this last point enough.  Clearly, we want our team gals to be ambassadors for our brand, but more importantly than that, they are ambassadors for health and sport.  If through them, we can get a single person off the couch and onto a bike or a running trail or into a pool, we'll feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Because we know sports has the power to change lives.

Wine.  Yeah, we know…not typical “business” speak unless you are a vintner.  But, we do have a wine cooler in our office and when you love something, it becomes part of you. So, um, I guess we're part grape!

Coffee. We love coffee the way bacon loves eggs. The way peanut butter loves jelly. And we love that we can support local farms in Hawaii by buying their beans.

Our pets.  Ok, we understand we’re an endurance apparel line that has nothing to do with pets (Coeur doggie sweaters? Maybe in the future).   Sure they don’t contribute directly to our bottom line, but they make our days better. And that makes us better workers and better people. They bring us immense joy, make us laugh, get us out the door, and will be there to keep us warm if the power goes out. So from time to time, you’ll hear about our “fur kids”…and we’d love to hear about yours.   

Challenged Athlete’s Foundation:  Two words.  Well, actually a name.  Breezy Bochenek.  Google her name or watch this video…

Right!?  Wow.  Enough said. Ok…not enough said.  Not nearly. We’ll say more in a future blog post. But for!

Community. We all start somewhere. We all ask for help along the way. We all look up to someone and ask advice from others. Therefore, Coeur is about encouraging inclusion and community around health and sports. Who doesn’t love an accountabuddy to train with? Who doesn’t feel better after teaching someone new how to change a tire? Maybe you’ve met a BFF or a cute partner at a race or group ride. Again, we want to have others join us in leading healthy active lifestyles (and to wear the best looking clothes while doing it!).

Our partners.  We feel extremely fortunate to partner with some amazing companies that share our values.  More to come on these in a later post but they include: Argon 18 Bikes, Sinclair Imports, Osmo Nutrition, Rolf Prima Wheel Systems, Roka Wetsuits, Smith Optics, Wild Friends Nut Butters, Oeno Beauty and Brooks Airbrush Studio.

And finally, we love…

Our customers.  We know, we know.  Everyone loves their customers.  But seriously, we feel an incredible sense of obligation and appreciation with each order.  We created our gear from the ground up (literally…as in we worked with a factory to formulate the fabric composition) and we truly want every customer to be happy.  When they are and we hear about it, we seriously get giddy.  We often read these reviews out loud in the office.  Sometimes, we just want to find the person and give them a hug.  But we don’t because that would be…I don’t know…a little weird. Kind of stalker-y. On the occasion that something is out of stock or a customer sends something back, we take it seriously. We want to double down to ensure we are making the best product out there with the best customer service around.  We know returns happen but we take it personally when someone isn’t thrilled and we try to do everything in our power to make things right.

Now there are many more things we love (chocolate, swimming with dolphins) but we’ll stop here for the moment and wish everyone a Very Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Now, tell us who or what you love.  We can't wait to hear! 

Reginald Holden