It's here. The triathlon. You are milling around in the transition area before the start and looking at ALL the other athletes. OMG.
Wait, did she just look over here?

I bet she did and I bet she thinks I have no business being here. A woman, racing a triathlon. That I’ll never finish this race. That I’m not ready.  And maybe she is right....why did I even sign up? What if....
Those thoughts.  Those nagging thoughts!  

Despite our best efforts, they have a tendency to flood our minds at the worst times.  Your own brain goes rouge and turns on you. Maybe you’ve read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (we did) but when you need it most (like when you’re setting up your transition area for your first triathlon), that great advice is blanked out and you find yourself very much giving a f*ck.
The fact that the transition area of any triathlon is buzzing with people who all seem to know exactly what they are doing doesn’t help. Tires get pumped, wetsuits go on and gear gets arranged with military precision. The look on everyone’s face can be as cold as the water your are about to go drown, uh, swim in. People look like they want to slay you. 

<--- You, at this moment. Are we right?

But what if, just when that little voice in your head is about to blurt out some reason why you shouldn’t even start, that girl looks over again.


Then, what if she walks over and wishes you a good race and hopes you have fun?  
What? This is amazing, right?

So now, what if the swim start looked more like this:
And you are feeling more like this:
and only a little still like this:

What if instead of everyone being your competitor, now they are your tribe? Sure, it's a race and everyone wants to PR and lay down fast splits. But knowing you are with some fun, like-minded friends...well, that just makes it way better.

Soooo, then, what if, at your next race, you’re that person? The one who just takes a few minutes out of her time to find someone else who could use a smile and an encouraging word. #crazytalk? We don't think so.

That’s our dream here at 

Small actions can have big impacts.  So, the next time you’re at a race and you see someone wearing a Coeur kit, say hello and they might give you a high-5 back and wish you good luck.  Pass it along if you can.

Happy Training and Racing
Your Friends at Coeur
Kebby Holden