Our First Women's Triathlon Camp

We've wanted to do this for a looonng time.  We came close last year but didn't want to do it if we weren't confident that it would be up to our standards.  Now, we're ready.  Friends, on March 23rd, 24th and 25th, we're going to be hosting our first ever Women's Triathlon Training Camp!

Coeur Sports Training Camp

 You know them online, come and meet and train with your friends In Real Life

The goal is to finally get all of you amazing individuals together in person and to set your 2018 season up for success. 

We'll be setting up shop at the beautiful La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California which is about 30 minutes North of San Diego (fyi..the high temperatures have hovered around 75 degrees this week so bring sunscreen).

The fantastic team from  Braveheart Coaching will be guest coaching and we worked with them to create an agenda that is sure to leave you with tired legs and a full heart. For those of you not familiar, Braveheart is run by world champion triathlete Lesley Patterson and Dr. Simon Marshall. Lesley describes herself as a little Scottish lassie who packs a mean punch and Dr. Marshall is a world renowned expert in exercise and health.

Together they are a force of nature and it's not hyperbole to say they wrote the book on mental training because they're also the authors of The Brave Athlete .

The Brave Athlete

The camp will kick off on Friday afternoon and we'll get straight to work with run and swim sessions. We'll end the day with a private shopping spree and some social time.  Then on Saturday, we'll tackle the incredible and incredibly challenging ride up Mount Palomar.  For those of you not familiar with this climb, maybe all you should know is that there's an observatory on the top!  That's because the peak is over 6,000 feet above seal level and when you're there, you almost feel like you're in outer space.  

Just for the heck of it, we'll do a run on tired legs after the ride, get in a mobility workout and wrap up with a group dinner on Saturday night where we'll trade stories from the day.

The fun will continue on Sunday with more running and swimming and we'll wrap up with an awards ceremony.  Now, if this sounds like a lot, don't worry. We'll have different workouts for each ability level and we'll make sure your gastronomic needs are met ever step of the way!  

So, kick off your season right and work on your tan in beautiful sunny, southern California at the Coeur Sports Training Camp!

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Triathlon Training

Happy Training Everyone! 

Your friends at Coeur Sports

p.s. We have included a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.


Coeur Sports Training Camp Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I attend if I'm a beginner triathlete?

Absolutely!  We will have workouts for all levels.

2. Will I need to bring a bicycle? 

Yes and we recommend that you bring a road bike. We will be climbing Mount Palomar on Saturday and a tri bike would be a handful on that ride.

3. Will I need to rent a car?

Yes. Camp attendees will be responsible for their transportation to the resort and to workouts that are offsite.  We will assist with setting up car pools but you should plan on renting or driving your car if you don't have a confirmed car pool partner. 

3.  Can I send my bike ahead of time and get it unpacked and built up?

Yes. We have contracted with a gentleman named Keven Lee who will receive your bike, build it up and then pack it up and ship it home when you're done.

4. Is the food gluten free and/or will there be a vegetarian option?

We will provide meal vouchers that can be used at the Omni La Cost resort.  The resort does offer gluten free and vegetarian options. 

5. I'm injured and cannot participate in some of the events.  Can I still attend?

Yes.  You may still attend and join in any activities for which you believe you are capable. 

6. Can we buy clothing at the camp?

Yes. We will have clothing for sale at the event. 

7. Will you be offering other camps?

It is our intent to expand and offer other camps.  After this camp is complete, we'll begin planning and will make announcements on the Coeur website and via social media.

Reginald Holden