It’s hard to believe. We went back to Kona!

While it had only been since 2019, it seemed like our last trip to Ironman Hawaii was a lifetime ago. And in a way it was. To a large extent, it seems like history will be divided into two halves.

Before COVID and after.

In the before section, we just assumed we’d be on the Big Island every October. We’ve been going as a company every year since our inception and to some extent, we had a template. It was an awesome template but, we must admit, we got a bit complacent.

We rented a house in the same neighborhood each year, held the same events, cheered for amazing athletes racing and assumed we’d be back in 12 months.

Then when the race was cancelled in 2020 and then cancelled again in 2021, it felt like we may never go back. For a time, there were rumors that the race might move and there was a chance our fear of never going back was literal.

Now that we had the opportunity to see your smiling faces in person again, we're reminded of how special this event is to us. That’s why we're taking a few moments to just be grateful. 

Ironman Hawaii Finish Line

The Ironman Hawaii Finish Line after Dark is Magical

The first thing we’re grateful for is Hawaii itself. The people, the geography, and the culture all work together to imbue the race with something magical. The people of Hawaii are known to be brave and strong, but there’s also a culture of family, humility, and compassion. All are attributes to which we aspire as a company! 

And then there's the island itself.  Sure there are fields of black lava rocks, but you can also find many spectacularly lush areas that stand in contrast to the lava fields. We find both to be beautiful in their own way.  

Laugh if you might, but we've come to believe that the island exudes something magical.  Maybe it's all the geothermal activity, maybe the sea spray from the ocean contains some special chemical makeup, but whatever the cause, there's a unique type of energy on the Big Island. 

If we can bring just a tiny bit of that energy and spirit of Hawaii back with us every time we visit, we'll be better for it.  As a bit of an aside, we've learned that bringing back the spirit of Hawaii is ok, but bringing back rocks is most definitely Not! Word to the wise, do not even think about packing up a few of the white rocks. If you ever want to know the full story, we can connect you with one of our Ambassadors who has first hand experience.   

Second, we’re grateful that there was an equal number of slots for Professional women as men in 2022! Not long after we founded Coeur, a group of courageous women fought to get the number of professional female slots increased to be equal to the male slots.  We were proud to help and support these women and have always had a sense of "unfinished business" on the topic.

Coeur Sports supports 50 women to Kona

The push for 50 Women to Kona was made in 2015 and we have to think that there's a direct line between the work done then and the fact that the women had their own race in 2022 and it will be even better in 2023 as we'll have the island to ourselves!

50 women to Kona

Whenever we have the chance, we like to talk about the economic power of women around the world and particularly in the U.S. Did you know that  women control or influence 85% of all the spending in the U.S.?  Amazing and impressive! 

Now that the women have their own race in Kona, we'd like to encourage everyone to continue to support these ladies.  It will prove the points made by Sarah Gross and the other 50 Women to Kona founders and set the stage for even more women's endurance events.  

Finally, we’re grateful that we were able to watch and cheer for everyone racing. Completing an Ironman anywhere is a huge accomplishment and if you made it to Kona, then you’ve really done something special!

We were so fortunate to have 20 Coeur and TCB members racing on the Big Island in 2022 and we’re incredibly proud of of them!  Each had their own story and we highlighted them on our Instagram page. Check it out if you get a moment.  

Female Triathlete at Ironman Hawaii

Kim Bramblett from Atlanta will be racing again and we're going to try and replicate this photo from her last trip to the Big Island

So thanks to everyone who joined us in 2022 and please try to come back this year. We'll be there with bells on and hope you'll be there too.  

Underpants Run at Ironman Hawaii

And in 2023, we'll be hosting our brunch again after the race at the Papa Kona Restaurant  (formerly Daylight Mind) and Bar.  The event is open to all of the Coeur family which is loosely defined as all of our customers and friends.   

Coeur Brunch at Ironman Hawaii

Come upstairs on Friday and say hello

Finally, we have to say congratulations again to the Coeur, TCB and Ambassadors who raced.  You all were amazing and we're so proud of you all. 

  • Lynn Barlik
  • Scott Batula
  • Kate Bevilaqua (Professional)
  • Kim Bramblett
  • Katie Colville
  • Amy Farrell
  • Shannon Florea
  • Margo Gregory
  • Lisa Holt
  • Jenny Hayes
  • Lindsay Henderson
  • Victoria Lederer
  • Hildegarde Miyashiro
  • Hailey Manning
  • Angela Quick
  • Marisa Rastetter
  • Laura Sophiea Rossetti
  • Heidi Schmitt
  • Belen Valdovinos
  • Fran Vincent