In small towns, it’s common for neighbors to “check in” with each other when times are tough.  We’re sure this happens in big cities too, but it seems like it was less common here in Los Angeles even before COVID-19. The practice of checking in is one of our favorite parts from when we lived in the South and it almost offset the humidity and it’s devious effect on our hair!

Welcome Mat

That’s why, over the past couple of months, we have tried to check in more often with our Customers, Collective Beat Members and Ambassadors and ask how they are doing. By and large, we hear that people are settling into some kind of new normal.  Certainly, almost no one thought that we’d be heading into the end of the year without races or group events, but alas, here we are and people are doing the best they can.

Fortunately, as endurance athletes, we are all are natural problem solvers and we’ve been amazed at how energized you are to still get in your workouts.  

We certainly want to do our part to help and that’s why we created the Coeur Virtual Cycling Club.  We’re very aware that you have several options to train or workout indoors, so we sent out a survey asking what people would like in a virtual cycling class and the results were very interesting.

As you might expect, most everyone asked for structured, coached workouts but surprisingly, that wasn’t at the absolute top of the list.  Even more important than the workouts, we were told that people want a deeper sense of community.  They wanted to be able to “check in” with each other. When we saw that response, the lightbulb went off and we said “of course!”. Just like many of you, we sincerely miss the connection that comes from being part of a group of like-minded individuals and the high-fives and fist bumps that follow a hard session on the bike or on the track.

So, with great leadership from the ladies at Hardcoeur Coaching, we have created a cycling program that we think is unique in our space.  The club does come with amazing workouts that are created by Coach Jess Smith and team and they do share some fantastic tips as they lead the classes. However, as they designed the program, Jess and team were equally interested in creating an environment that fostered a sense of community.

Coeur Cycling Club

That’s why we’re inviting you to give the club a try. We want to see how you are doing and we’d appreciate if you’d share the love with your fellow members.

If you sign up, and we certainly hope you do, you’ll be able to build a great network of friends and will have a way to connect with the other ladies in the club regardless of ability level. To fast track those connections, we’re making our Friday workout a social ride.  During this session, you’ll be able to connect with each other via Zoom and once a month, we’ll even have a guest speaker who will entertain and educate you!

Another attribute that scored highly on our survey was having the ability to get access to special sales and exclusive items.  That’s why we designed the cycling club so that participants can purchase sale items in a private section of our site and why we’re creating an exclusive kit for members. 

Finally, we got very aggressive on the pricing.  At $19.99 per month for the subscription plan, the classes come to a bit less than $3 per session.  And of course, just like with our products, we want to make the proposition risk-free, so you can cancel anytime. 

Here’s detailed overview of what comes with the club and we hope to be able to “Check In” and say hello to you soon!

The Coeur Sports/Hardcoeur Coaching Indoor Cycling Club

The Coeur Sport Cycling Club is the perfect way to connect with an incredibly supportive community of women, get started on the road to fitness, hear from expert speakers, and have fun all at the same time.

Here's what you get:

  • Two, One hour cycling sessions each week written by Hardcoeur Coaching designed to help you build power and confidence on the bike
  • Coached indoor bike trainer sessions via zoom
  • A Friday Social Spin
  • Monthly Guest speakers
  • Access to the Club Zoom site where you can see and connect with other riders
  • Access to a secret sale site with discounts just for club members
  • Access to the exclusive Cycling Club Kit
  • Schedule through 8/31/20 - Tuesdays/Thursdays at 5AM and 5PM PST
  • Schedule starting 9/1/20
  • Tuesdays at 6AM and 9AM EST
  • Thursdays at 6AM and 9AM EST

Also, membership can be purchased at any time and will be activated immediately. Membership will end 31 days from the purchase date. For recurring memberships, the monthy rate will be deducted the same day each month that the membership was purchased.

To join, just click here:


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