Well, it’s Thursday and we’re a little over a day away from Ironman Hawaii. The Coeur team arrived on Tuesday and we’ve been having a great time.

On Tuesday night, we stopped by the Argon 18 party and got to see the new line of bikes. Now, we don’t want to steal any of their thunder, but folks…these bikes are hot!

 Coeur at Argon 18 Party

The Argon Bikes are Amazing

The majority of the team was in town by Wednesday and we scheduled a photo shoot with Jay Prashun who works for Lava Magazine. For those of you who don’t know him, Jay is one cool dude. He’s an excellent photographer and quite the athlete himself. He’s done his fair share of Ironman events, but the race that really stood out for us was something called the Breck Epic. Our admiration for him went to new highs as we followed his adventure in this six day mountain biking race last year.

Athletic accomplishments notwithstanding, the thing we admire most about Jay is that he’s just a good guy. We were so glad he found the time to conduct a team photo shoot for us.

Jay Prashun at Coeur Photo Shoot

 Jay Prashun doing his thing with Erin supporting

We also had a chance to roll around in what we call the mobile aid station. This is where we load up the family truckster and head down the Queen K. When we see a good spot, we just pull over and pop up the table and start handing out cold water and Gatorade to the athletes who are out on their training rides.

Coeur on the Queen K

The Coeur Mobile Aid Station on the Queen K

On Wednesday night, Katie & Tommy Zaferes arrived and we got a chance to catch up on their adventures for the past year. Once Tommy used the term “life points” to describe the value of their traveling and racing experiences and we understand what he means. It was fun to listen to them recap races from Abu Dabi to Cape Town, Rio and Chicago.

Katie Zaferes and Tommy

Katie Zaferes and Tommy in the Coeur House

If it’s Thursday before Race Saturday, it’s Underpants Run (“UPR”) day. The team dressed up in their UPR gear and Reg put on a heart suit and we headed down have some fun. The heart was a big hit and we were stopped on numerous occasions for pictures. Perhaps one of the most memorable was when a gentleman who had had a Heart Transplant stopped us and asked if he could jump in a picture! That one was pretty amazing.

Coeur Underpants Run

From Heart Transplant to Ironman.  Amazing!

Kona Underpants Run

Stopping mid-run to wave at a Drone

Tonight a few of us will head over to the Trisports.com party and hang out with one of our favorite Tri Shops.

Finally, we have to give a shout out to all the ladies racing Ironman Louisville. I know we’ve been a bit preoccupied with Kona, but trust us, we’ll be cheering for you and sending lots of love.

Ok…that’s it for now. We’ll post again later.

Heart and Courage

Your friends at Coeur

Reginald Holden
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