The first thing you notice when you meet her is her smile. After a few minutes, you notice that you’re smiling too. And so is everyone within earshot. You just can’t help it. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and we can't wait to cheer for her as she smiles her way to the finish line at Ironman Hawaii this year.

Meet Coeur Ambassador and two-time Kona qualifier Katie Colville.

Katie Colville

Coeur: Well, here we are again, your second trip to Ironman Hawaii! Where did you qualify and how does it feel to be going back to Kona?

Katie: I qualified this year at Ironman Texas-- I had a pretty good race but it was a super-hot day. It feels awesome to be going back to Kona. After last year I was really determined to get back to the big island after my crash on the bike. This summer training season has been a bit different for me due to some nagging injuries but I've been able to work with my coach Adam Zucco to make sure that I'm prepared in the best way I can be. I'm the type of person who wants to give 100% all the time but injuries don't allow you to do that. I want to bring my A game to Kona but still have a bit of apprehension-- but I'm feeling more confident every day and I get more excited as opposed to worried as each day goes by. It's going to be a great year in Kona 2016.

Katie Colvile Hailey Maning

Coeur: We’ve found that while endurance sports are generally thought of as solitary endeavors, in reality, there’s usually a support system built up around the athlete. Sometimes, it’s training partners, sometimes it is family. Who do you have in your corner helping you prepare for Kona?

Katie: I've got a great amount of support helping me out in my corner. My long time training partner Michael Berger is back in Atlanta. This is the first time we haven't trained together for an Ironman, so I'm really missing him. We are really good at pushing each other when times get tough. This will also be his second time racing Kona so maybe we can practice the descent from Hawi this year together. My family always has offered me a huge amount of support. I tend to be the type that panics and my parents, especially my dad, are able to help bring me back to reality. Although it may take me some time because I am very stubborn. My friends also deserve a shout out, they totally rock. I have one friend who has literally made me the most beautiful and intricate "go Katie posters". My friends are always giving me support. Their belief in me helps me to believe in myself. I'm very grateful for all the people in my life.

Michael Berger and Katie Colville

Coeur: Have you done anything special to prepare for the heat and humidity in Kona,

Katie: I haven't done anything in particular to prep for the heat and humidity in Kona, but like I mentioned before I'm from Georgia and all my years training there has engrained the heat and humidity in my brain. I actually think it may be worse in Georgia than it is in Kona. I do make an effort to ride on the trainer without a fan sometimes but for the most part I just know how to race in the heat.

Coeur: Quite a few of us will be out cheering for you on the course in Kona, so we have to ask. Do you ever hear what people yell to you on the bike and the run or are you concentrating so much on your body that you don't notice? Also, if you do notice, what is the best thing for someone to say to you during the race?

Katie: I totally notice what people say! I fuel up on the cheering and words of encouragement. Sometimes just seeing someone you know give you a smile and a thumbs up can change your whole perspective in a race. I'm a bit of a ham so people calling my name makes me smile regardless of how I'm feeling. Hmm the best thing for someone to say to me in a race might just be "she's five minutes behind you" but honestly any kind of cheer or woop makes me feel good.

Coeur: We think that the finish of Ironman Hawaii is one of the most magical places in all of sport. What will you be thinking about this year as you make the turn onto Alii?

Katie: I never can really know how I'll feel at a finish line, honestly it most likely will depend on how my race went but regardless if I hit my goals or not crossing that finish line at Allii is a big deal. I’ll hopefully be thinking about how awesome that particular race day journey was.

Coeur: Well, thank you so much for chatting with us! We’ll see you soon in Kona!

Katie: I can't wait it's going to be a wonderful year! I can't wait to show off my new awesome Coeur Kona Kit.

Reginald Holden