Hi. It’s Kebby. Founder of Coeur Sports.

September means the start of us looking for our 2021 Team. Here are the things we are looking for: 

Prior to opening the invitation period, we thought it might make sense to share a bit of detail about why we have a team, what we hope to accomplish, and what we hope you will get out of the experience.

Initially, when we began sponsoring a team of ambassadors, people assumed that we were looking for ladies who owned one of the top steps on the podium. Now, while being fast is awesome and several of our athletes are incredibly fast, that, in and of itself, is not what it takes.

Amy is Fast and Inspirational

Other applicants assumed that we basically wanted sales people. Several applications highlighted affiliations with stores and previous sales experience. Again, not really what we’re looking for. Don’t get us wrong. We are in the business of selling women’s endurance apparel and we have to be profitable to stay in business, but if that’s all we wanted to do, we’d go about it a different way.

So we get asked all the time: what then are you trying to do with the team and what are you looking for in an applicant?

Well..thank you for asking. The answer to that is really part of the answer to the question of why we started the company in the first place.

Of course, one reason Coeur was born was because we didn’t believe that anyone provided highly functional clothing that was also stylish. Now, we can talk for days on how our triathlon, cycling, run and swim gear has been tested in the lava fields of Kona and the trails of the Leadville 100, but that’s something we think is just a given and only part of our raison d'être.

The other reason we started the company was to create a community of women to support each other as they endeavored to live lifestyles of health and fitness. We truly love endurance sports and in our heart of hearts, we want to grow women’s cycling, triathlon, running, and swimming. We know from first-hand experience that a woman’s first foray into one of these activities can be a pivotal moment. If she’s met with a smile from the woman next to her in transition or a friendly hello at the start line of her first organized bike ride, there’s a good chance that she’ll stick around long enough to realize that endurance sports and the lifestyle can be amazing.

On the other hand, if her reception is cold, then she may be a “one and done” and miss an amazing opportunity to literally change her life.

We know we run the risk of overstepping our bounds, but if you apply to the Coeur team and are accepted, we’ll respectfully ask that as you go out into the athletic world wearing Coeur, you:

  • Encourage others to get up and move, even if it’s just a walk or an easy spin around the neighborhood
  • Try to give a word of encouragement to others who are on the course, road, water or trail
  • Race to the absolute best of your ability on that day but, congratulate others even when it things don't go according to plan
  • Laugh…a lot. It is contagious.

In other words, we ask that you, first and foremost, be ambassadors for endurance sports.

In return, we want you to get as good as you give. If we do this right, you’ll be associated with a group of encouraging and inspiring women, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that you may have made a difference in someone else’s life, and of course, you’ll get some great free (as in no purchase required) gear and a whopper discount along with some great team sponsor benefits.

Heart & Courage, always,





      Reginald Holden