As you can imagine, being a women’s clothing line, we often hear feedback from all corners of the women’s shape spectrum. It’s always fascinating to us the seemingly schizophrenic way popular culture decides what is the ultimate body shape.  Are we portraying bodies that are too big? Too small?  Too athletic? Too whatever? 

It’s a tough line to walk but you know what we’ve determined? That it shouldn’t be about passively going along with the norm or pleasing the current popular body shape. 

History has proven that women do astonishing things to obtain the “perfect” look. The Gibson Girls of the 1910s happily gave up a rib or two to bring in their girded waistline.

Woman with a very thin waist  

Which is in direct contrast to a decade before women when were adding full bustles to their dresses to highlight their delightful derrieres. 

Drawing of two older women

Marilyn, Twiggy, Naomi, Kate, Kim. Back and forth. Back and forth. 

Goodness ladies. Let’s give it a rest. Media: can we please give it a rest?

I think it is time to not passively accept one standard. How about ALL standards ALL THE TIME as long as they are healthy? It doesn’t matter what your body looks like… matters how it is able to perform as you need it to, day in, day out. 

If we are to err on the side of a body superlative, let’s DECIDE to make it strength. Strong enough to get you through the day. Strong enough to make yourself believe you can do things you didn’t think possible. Strong enough to not measure yourself against those around you. Strong enough to be you. Simple, strong, individual.

Coeur Ambassadors at a race


Reginald Holden