At Coeur, we love our Retail Partners.  That's why we're so excited to announce this new program designed to draw more women into triathlon, cycling running and swimming.  Here's the press release we sent out to announce the program.

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Coeur Sports Deepens Retail Relations with new Cooperative Marketing Program

Designed to increase retail promotional events that attract new female endurance sports enthusiasts

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 – Coeur Sports, a collection of women’s endurance sports apparel announced today that it is  launching a cooperative marketing program with select retail partners to create  a pool of funds for retailers to host events that encourage more women to become cycling, running, swimming and triathlon enthusiasts.

“In addition to producing fashion-forward and exceptionally high quality, female-specific active wear, part of our mission is to convince more women to adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness,” said Hailey Manning, co-founder and director of sales for Coeur Sports.

The cooperative marketing dollars available for retailers will be based on a percentage of merchandise purchased and will be distributed on a semi-annual basis. Examples of approved uses for the funds may include hosting in-store ladies nights, educational sessions, or group workouts, among other promotional events.

Coeur Sports founder and designer, Kebby Holden added, “We know that in-store events such as private shopping nights and seminars on fitness can be a motivating catalyst that gets women to take that first step into trying an endurance sports program. Our new customers continually tell us that the support from other women really helped them take their first step. We were so excited to discover that our customers were encouraging other women to try endurance sports that it motivated us create this co-op marketing program. We encourage all women to adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness, and now they can look great doing it.”

Retailers interested in learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Coeur Sports.

Coeur Sports is a line of high performance apparel designed by Holden, a top age group athlete, who found it hard to train and compete in apparel that worked against her as she swam, cycled and ran long distances.  Inspired to find better workout gear, and unable to find answers off the shelf, Holden and Manning created Coeur Sports as a solution. Across the entire line, Coeur Sports addresses the specific needs of female athletes training for and competing in endurance sports. The line includes running, swimming and cycling gear with each piece featuring uniquely designed, fashion forward features made specifically for a woman’s body in motion.

The name, Coeur, which means “heart” in French,  reflects Holden’s and Manning’s shared passion for providing apparel that  blends performance and fashion for the woman who pushes herself to train hard,  compete harder and look great while doing it.

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