So, in the next couple of weeks, Coeur will be starting its 2015 Call for Athletes. Some of the current women on our team will be invited back and others will move on to other amazing pursuits.

Prior to our official call, we wanted to share a bit about our philosophy, our company and what we look for with our sponsored athletes.

Bike Rider posing

You could be one of Hailey's Teammates

Katie Hursey sign

Another one of your teammates will be working toward the Olympics

First, a bit about the company. We’re a women’s endurance sports apparel company. Our line includes Women’s Cycling Jerseys, Running Shorts, Running Tops, Swimwear and Women’s Triathlon Clothing. Our two founders were multiple times Hawaii Ironman Finishers, so some people initially think we’re women’s triathlon only. That is very far from the truth.

While we do have a great team of triathletes, we’re very much interested in increasing participation in women’s cycling, running and swimming.

In other words, if you’re a runner, a biker, a swimmer or a triathlete you’re welcome to apply for the team.

As for the goals of the company, first and foremost, we’re trying to create the best women’s sports clothing period. We spare no expense when it comes to quality and only after we’re sure we have a garment that will perform do we add in the fashion-forward designs.

We’re also very interested in drawing women into a lifestyle of health and fitness. To do that, we try to create a welcoming, collegial environment and we want a team of encouraging women. By the way, we’re big supporters of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and a percent of sales goes to them.

Now, you may have heard that we also love pets and a good glass of wine too and that is correct. You may also surmise that with a wine drinking, pet loving, encouraging & mutually supportive environment, we wouldn’t be overly concerned with results.

And that’s where you would be mistaken. To a person, the women on the team are fierce competitors. They have varying degrees of genetic ability and time to train but deep down, they are all incredibly tough. They play by the rules and they do support each other but if you’re walking and high fiving your way down the finishing chute, they’ll pass you in a second. We like to say steel sharpens steel and these women have an edge.

So, if you’re thinking about applying for the team, we’d encourage you to answer these questions:

  • Do you encourage other women to live a lifestyle of health and fitness?
  • Regardless of your ability level, do you give it all you’ve got?
  • Are you a Runner, Biker, Swimmer or Triathlete?

If so, we’d ask that you stay tuned and look for our upcoming call for athletes. The women on the team get some amazing benefits and we think it will be year to remember.



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