A broad discussion about Women's Triathlon

I'm sure the English majors, the Literature majors and the true writers in the world will correct me if this is misstated but I believe an "aphorism" is a catchy or memorable phrase that really captures the essential essence of an idea.  If I'm misusing the term, I sincerely apologize.  In any event, the aphorism "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats" is generally attributed to John F Kennedy.  Basically, he was saying that it was in everyone's best interest to have a healthy economy because, in general, everyone would be better off.

At Coeur, we believe the statement holds true for endurance sports as well. The more people we (as in the industry) can get off the couch and out onto the running trails, bike paths and swimming pools, the better off everyone will become.

The health benefits of increased physical activity for individuals is proven, the long-term macro-economic benefits to the country (i.e. reduced healthcare costs, higher productivity) is undeniable and the sense of satisfaction one gets from finishing a race is..well...just plain awesome. 

In addition, having lots of new participants should be good for all the companies involved in endurance sports.  Of course, we hope that at least a few of those "new entrants" to endurance sports will be wearing Coeur but by and large, this initiative is about much, much more than just sales. We'd love to share more of our thoughts about Conscious Capitalism if you're interested but let me get back on track before we lose everyone.

So, here's our question for everyone reading this blog.

"What keeps people who could be doing endurance sports (i.e. they have access, time and resources) from actually doing them?"

Coeur is partnering with some other great companies to try and do our little bit to address the issue but, before we get too far down the road, we'd love to get your perspective on the barriers to entry...so to speak.

So, please share your thoughts.  What keeps people out of endurance sports and what can we do to remove these barriers to entry?





Reginald Holden