Ok…we’re taking a breather today from the sponsorship announcements. We’re going to take one last look through the hundreds of applications and then finish the week with the announcement of our Elite Team on Thursday and for the grand finale, the Ambassadors on Friday.

So today, we’re going to go off on a bit of a tangent. Since we’ll be posting and blogging all year, I think it makes sense to introduce some of the extended members of the Coeur family.

Please meet:

Beaumont (“Beau”)

Beau is a little over a year old now and he is pretty confident that 1. everything in the world is awesome and 2. the aforementioned world, revolves around him. He likes to sleep on his back, which is adorable and he likes to get right between his mom and dad, which is also adorable. Unfortunately, he likes to turn and sleep “east/west” on the bed. Which isn’t quite as adorable. And he snores. Which, becomes much less adorable after about 2:00 a.m. But, to know Beau is to love Beau.  

      Our Dog Beau                 


Kona (on the right) is named for…you guessed it. Kailua-Kona, the home of the Ironman World Championships. While he's never qualified for Hawaii, he did break free from his leash and run into the water during the swim portion of a sprint triathlon in Atlanta (true story). Alas, he dnf'd because he got distracted by a turtle and never started the bike. He's 14 years old and can still "turn on the jets" and sprint away when he wants to. Shockingly, "when he wants to" is frequently the moment we're not looking. Fortunately, he always comes back and he's usually covered in mud when he does.

Beau and Kona our Dogs


Lincoln’s dad (Eddie) is part owner of Coeur and is our Attorney. Like his dad, Lincoln is all business and will brook no fools. Once you get to know him…scratch that…once he gets to know you, he will loosen up and start to have some fun. And when Lincoln has fun, everyone has fun!




Moose’s mom (Alanna) is also part owner in Coeur. As you might expect, Moose is full of energy, life and fun. He’s never met a stick or toy that he didn’t like and there’s no river, lake or pool in which he will not jump to recover said stick.

Moose the dog

Now, we know that rambling on about our pets may not be the best use of our time from a marketing perspective but the reality is that they help define us as people and consequently, they help define Coeur as a company. Plus, we’ll certainly be mentioning them on and off throughout the year, so we wanted you all to meet them.

As you can probably tell, we’re huge pet lovers and we’d love to meet your “fur kids” too. If you have time feel free to send us some pictures!

Reginald Holden