Meet two more of Coeur's sponsored triathletes athletes

Day 6: Let’s go international today to the hotbed of triathlon that is Australia. We are more than pumped to welcome twin sisters Katy and Michelle Duffield to our 2014 lineup! Dubbed the “Darlings of Kona” this past October, you know there is some genetic gifts and hard work going on when both sisters make it to the Ironman World Championships together…Mim finishing a smokin’ 2nd place in the 25-29 AG with a 9:48 and Katy not far behind. Whoo!

                                                          The Duffield Twins in Kona

Katy and Mim’s are inspired by so many people in their lives that have overcome great hardships and come out the other end stronger for it. Their philosophy is that every day is a gift and an opportunity. We at Coeur couldn’t agree more.

Having often finished as the first female amateurs in their races, the ladies are living their philosophy and stepping it up in 2014 to the professional ranks. Still so young, there is enormous potential in these gals. We can wait to see it unfold!

You can follow Mim and Katy at and @duffieldtwins.

Reginald Holden