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Women's Running Shorts in Little Black
Running Shorts for Women
Run Shorts from Coeur Sports

Little Black Women's Running Shorts

Women's Running Shorts

Our women's running shorts are designed to perform.  We took input from our team of marathoners, ultra-runners, and triathletes and created the highest quality run shorts on the market. We then added super cute designs that will ensure you look your best while you're putting in the miles. These go-to women's running shorts have two secure inner pockets to stash your necessary workout items - keys, gels, iPod. Stay-put, super-soft bikini liner keeps you covered and yoga-waistband creates a little cloud of comfy for your core. 

Run Shorts Features & Benefits Include:

  • Anti-friction seams
  • UV-50 cut
  • Anti-microbial
  • A performance fit that is still super comfortable
  • 3" Inseam
  • Free Shipping on all U.S. orders backed by a customer care team that really cares

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