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Travel Training Diaries - Boise

We continue our review of cool sports to train with a trip to Boise, Idaho.  Coeur Pro Kate Bevilaqua trains here during the summer and was kind enough to write this review.

Vibe: Trendy, hip and funky

Must See, Foothills, Hyde park. Lucky Peak, Camels Back, 13th Street Historical District

Best Time to Visit: Beginning or end of summer. June or September time is great. The weather is perfect for training, The mornings stay cool here even when it's going to be 100 degree's.

This leaves you the morning to get your training in even on the hottest summer days.

If you’re into Quiet Roads, Endless Mountain biking and running trails with rivers and lakes to swim in all VERY close to town. then Boise is for you. If that doesn't float your boat then maybe badminton is the sport for you? (speaking of floating and boats. You can also float or swim the Boise river)


Not only does Boise have everything you need it still keeps it small town feel, While riding and running here it's not uncommon for cars to stop in the middle of the road for you to pass. 5 years ago thats used to blow my mind.... Actually it still does. The local Triathlon group has free session weekly, yep that's right you can basically train for free with a group in a safe environment!

Everything is a mere cruiser bike ride away. Boise is a secret worth sharing. Although some of the local athlete would prefer I keep it that way "A Secret"


What are you in too? Endless Pools? We have an endless river. But seriously if you can swim up stream your better than I am. We often get in the river and swim 30min's upstream followed by 2min's down stream.


The lakes. There is clock tower for early summer with a 1000m marked buoy loop

Veterans for the middle of summer which is where Tri-Town Boise offer's open water specific sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings. It's even marked with buoys and structured sets to keep every swimmer interested.


Then there is the Great Sawtooth Masters group that swim at the West YMCA (Long course 50m, Tuesday and Thursdays) And down town on Monday Wednesday and Friday's. There are even Midday sessions if you prefer to sleep in.


Basically if you want to swim, there are endless options.




Like to Climb? Well in that case feel free to hit Bogus Basin Road just 5-10min from downtown Boise, It's a 16mile climb and if your lucky enough you might get to race it. Each year they have the Bogus Hill Climb as part of Boise's weekly cycling events. This climb hardly ever has any traffic and it a must ride if only for it's view's of Boise!

The infamous dump loop….only just over an hour in length, but some of the hard core locals have done many repeats of this tough rolling hills loop when preparing for Half Ironman or Ironman Events.

There is some great country riding here also, Emmett or Ada county has some GREAT riding, it's safe and traffic is relatively non-existent. (Except a few miles to get out of town) but then again Town isn't busy like most cities!


The old Boise 70.3 course, you can ride the whole thing except a few miles.


Mountain biking: If you ride a Mountain bike, You will LOVE Boise, you can ride from Town to Sun Valley if you want, Although you might want to pack an overnight bag for that one.


A lot of the trails here are relatively easy, so even if you’re new to Mountain biking, you can get out there and roll through the foothills.



Flat, Hills, River Loops, or Road there are numerous loops available depending on what the day holds.

Some of my favorites.

1) Leaving from Camels Back park in Hyde Park and running the trails (Little hulls Gulch loop) About 8 miles of Great Trail running.

2) The Green Belt (Runs along the Boise River) Run the bridges. This run can be as long or as short as your like and is relatively flat. There are numerous bridges to cross over change the scenery and mix it up from gravel trail to footpath.

3) The public Track, located right next to the down town YMCA. (Newly resurfaced and ready to accommodate your pain)

The trail system here is endless, So if you want to run something new every day, you can.

Other stuff to know.

If your looking for bike services by friendly staff then look no further than Tri-Town Boise.
Anotnio Gonzalez and the team at Tri-Town will look after you and you'll leave with a smile. Product and servicing available.

Plus Tri-Town holds free weekly work out sessions, which include two open water swims, Multiple rides and runs. Basically it's your "one stop Triathlon Shop"

Need to find a place to have a beer?
One of my personal favorites is  Highland Hollows Brew Pub. Great Beer and food at awesome prices.
If you want more, then this link is for you.

Outside of these places you'll be able to find a great Brew House on almost every corner. Boise is Micro brew heaven.
There are a number of great places to eat downtown, our personal favorite for a night out is Matador restaurant and grill. Located in the heart of the city on 8th street. You'll leave happy!!

After something a bit more classy: There is no better than Barbacoa restaurant, It's very cool with some great artwork inside. The food is amazing and the table side Guacamole is a must order.


Places to Stay
The Great Things about Boise, Is most of these places a short bike ride away.  Rent a Cruiser and roll around the streets. You'll feel like a local in no time.

After all this you'll want a place to stay. There are a variety of places close to or in downtown Boise. (At a range of different prices depending on your budget)
My advice would be, book somewhere close to town or in the North End, As that way you won't need a car.

here's one link to hotel's. (One of many)
See you on the Greenbelt, or up Bogus, maybe in the Trails running or riding?, Maybe the River or Lake's or a master swim session? Perhaps at the Pub or ??? We'll see you in Boise soon.