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Galveston 70.3 Triathlon

 Are any of you doing Galveston 70.3 this year? If so, let us know.  We'll be following along online and would love to cheer for you. Also, if you have any race tips, please share.

Here’s our perspective on this early season event.

The city has been defined by weather to a certain extent. As one of the country’s most common points of landfall for hurricanes, Galveston still known for the devastating storm that hit in 1900. In fact, the city even has a multimedia presentation at the Pier 21 Theater called the Great Storm. It gives actual accounts from diaries and letters of survivors.

And while you won’t be doing the race in a hurricane, it is possible that weather will have an impact on your day. It can shall we say it?  A bit breezy in Galveston. 

Everything starts at the Moody Gardens Palm Beach hotel. The one loop swim is in Offats Bay (which is saltwater by the way) and is generally calm due to the protection afforded by the surrounding land.

It’s on the bike where things tend to get interesting. The one-loop course starts off calmly enough but things tend to change as you hit the Texas Gulf Coast. By this point in the race, the heat and humidity may be making their presence known and the wind frequently starts to pick up. While we’ll leave race tactics up to you and your coach, we will suggest that you be prepared for the gusts. While they’re generally not “Kona-like”, they have been known to be meaningful and we hope you can hang in through this part of the course.

If you’ve paced properly on the bike, you could be rewarded with a fun run. At least as much fun as you can have after 56 miles on a hot and humid bike course. The run is a spectator friendly three loop course that is fairly flat and hopefully fast! The course takes you through Moody Gardens and along Offats Bayou and Palm Beach before finishing near the Paddle Wheel.

The good news is that if you grab one of the 40 qualifying spots, you should be somewhat battle tested and ready for 70.3 Worlds!

If you stick around after the race, there are activities to be found in Galveston. For instance, if you love seafood, you will wish there were more meals in a day, because Galveston has some of the best seafood restaurants in the US, as it’s surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. While we're not in the food business, we have heard that the Gumbo Bar on Post Office Road is really good.  Reasonable prices, good food but be aware that the portions are huge, so don't over do it. 

In addition, its port is still one of the busiest in the US. There are always cruise ships harbored there, as it is the home base for the really big and popular ones heading off to the Caribbean.

Once you’ve replenished your stores of carbohydrates, you should check out The Colonel. Not Sanders but rather the 750-passenger, 19th-century-style sternwheeler called The Colonel. The beautiful ship offers a unique view of the Gardens and an enjoyable cruise.

No matter what you do, we hope you have a great race. And as always, say hello to anyone wearing Coeur!