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2018 Call for Athletes

  1. Do you have heart? ☐  Courage? ☐
  2. Do you like to swim, bike or run (often all in the same day)?☐
  3. Are you an “Endurance Pusher” always trying to convince people to go for a run, swim or spin?
  4. Do you have to do laundry every other day because you change clothes 3-4 times/ day? ☐
  5. Do you go to bed at 7 p.m. and wake up at 4:00 a.m.? ☐
  6. Do you enjoy supporting and motivating others? ☐
  7. Do you use words like “fartleck," “bonk,” or "taper?" ☐
  8. Do you like your clothes to look good and be comfortable AT THE SAME TIME? ☐
  9. Do you prefer it when your kitty is NOT angry? ☐
  10. Do you want to connect with other women who also answered yes to all the above? ☐
If you answered yes to all ten questions, we want YOU for our 2018 team!
We are looking for unabashed lovers of all things endurance sports. 
Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, the first or the last to finish, baby boomer or millennial, an XS or an XXL – we want YOU to apply!
Here’s the thing- We are super-duper picky about our team. This group is, well, our Coeur.
We keep the one’s that embody Coeur’s mission because they become family. And every year, we do our best to make room for some more super rad ladies who support their Coeur sisters, motivate other athletes in training and racing, connect with their Coeur sisters and love to live and post about our team mission and gear. You must be active in your local sports community and willing to host events designed to get other athletes involved in sport.
Is this still you?
If so, click here: