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Black Sports Bra
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Black Sports Bra from Coeur Sports

Not Going Nowhere Sports Bra Black



Black Sports Bra

For endurance sports, Coeur is of the nobody-move-nobody-gets-hurt mindset when it comes to your bra. We are talking a Fort Knox, ratchet-those-babies down situation. Our Not Going Nowhere sports bra means you can run a marathon without feeling like you are constantly trying to catch bobbling water balloons.

These racerback bras are snug, compressive and tight but that doesn't mean we gave up our mandatory Coeur cute and comfortable standards. You will have to wriggle into them but once on, they should fit your curves and moves like a second skin. And we've kept our innovative large front pocket in the bra so you can stash your ice, phone, key, gels whatever without them moving either.

Beautiful Italian, quick dry fabric. This is a wet, glossy black look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Love this running bra. Will purchase again. Recommended

Great Bra

Fits firmly but comfortably. Want one in white but out of stock
Love it!

Better Fit than Most

For a pull over bra, I found this to fit better than most pullovers. The band did not create rub raw areas that I usually get from other bras as I am a sweat hog!!! It would be perfect for me if it had pads to hide the headlights and more of a cup style for the girls instead of being smashed like pancakes. 😂

I wanted to like this bra

A friend of mine recommended Coeur, and I wanted to try out their sports bras. I bought a small of the Not Going Nowhere. I like the pullover style, and I thought the material was super comfortable. However, I prefer to have encapsulation as well as compression, and I need padding for the headlights, which this bra did not provide. Sadly, I had to return this bra and look elsewhere.

Good bra, not the best of Coeur

While the pockets and straps cannot compete with any other brand, the material feels on the lower end of quality compared to my previous purchases. It feels rubbery rather than soft and it doesn't air dry as quickly as the other Coeur bras.
I didn't experience chafing, but there seems to be a disconnect in the sizing between the chest band vs. cups, so I started using antichafe along the bra line just in case.
I was excited to try this Not Going Anywhere Spory Bra because it comes in solid black and I planned on buying more, but I've decided to hold off and try again on the next line.

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