Collection: Men's VFF Collection

Congratulations Commander.  You've been hand selected to gain access to Coeur's VFF collection. A tip of the hat to you sir. You might be asking why the secrecy behind this line.  Well, that's a good question. 

When we started developing the VFF line, we wanted the gear to be fast, so we enlisted help from our friends at the JPL here in Southern California.  After months of experimentation, we discovered fabric that demonstrated a phenomenon called Quantum Tunneling.  The effect was so pronounced that during aerodynamic track testing, the subject rider finished his ride 11 milliseconds before he started.  That's right.  The Superman Season 3, Episode 1 effect.  Or "S3E1" as it is known.

And that's why we only allow men of the highest moral, fiber to have access to this line.   


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