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Coeur Sports Race Day Magic Box
Coeur Sports Race Day Magic Box

Race Day Magic Box

Sprinkle on some magic for that upcoming "A-Race."

Do you have a friend who is getting ready for their big race and you want to send them a dose of extra good juju wishes?  Or maybe you're in taper mode yourself and need a little pre-race pep talk?  We've GOT YOU!

Our Race Day Magic box is the perfect gift or boost you need. Inside is your own magical, mythical talking Unicoeurn containing your own special message. 

Rounding out the box are other motivational goodies to get you to the start line jazzed up and ready to race. 


Simply type the short (~ five seconds) motivational message you want to send in the NOTES SECTION of your order and it will magically be transferred on to your Unicoeurn. Otherwise, the mythical, magical beast will come with a standard good luck recording and instructions on how to record new messages.



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